Feb 24 2016

3 Beliefs Regarding Niche Marketing

3 Beliefs Regarding Niche Marketing

The days of being able to broadly cast a net and gather an online audience and generate a positive revenue stream are now gone and in the past.  Your ability to concentrate and be the expert in your niche is now more important for you to be able to succeed as an online marketer and learning these 3 Beliefs Regarding Niche Marketing may assist you.

Analyzing and understanding how to produce a positive revenue stream as an online marketer today requires that you are first and foremost, focused on your niche topics and subjects when you are writing your content.

Belief 1.  You do not need to be specialized or a professional in your selected niche or field.

You were not an expert when you began researching for your niche.  You grew into the task of researching the deeper and longer you did it.  Applying that research to your niche, the more information you gathered online within your niche educated you further.

You may not have been specialized or a pro in the niche or field you then selected, however, I will presume that you made your niche selection based on your research and you also found you had an interest in it.

By researching online you were able to educate yourself and to become figuratively, an expert in your niche with all of the valuable information at your fingertips.  Your job is to put the valuable information that applies to your niche into your own words and convey the information to your readers as you are writing your content.

As you learn about your niche, writing about different aspect of it and are honest and truthful when you are answering their concerns and questions, the value you convey in your information will result in your readership growing with you.  You are thus gaining experience the longer you research and write and that experience progresses to the status of being a professional or an expert in your niche.  Your readers will rely upon your content as they see the value you have given them is also providing benefits.

Do you see that you were probably not a professional when you decided to start your online marketing niche but you have grown in your niche as time has progressed and become that expert?

Belief 2.  You must remain in your originally selected niche or field.

This belief is completely false.  When you have reached the success level you set out to accomplish and are earning the revenue you wanted, if you want to expand yourself or your business, select another niche, going through the same processes as your initial selection and work that niche just as hard.

It is sincerely hoped that no one would tell you that you are restricted to the one and only niche you started in and that you achieve the success you want in all of your niche selections.

Belief 3.  You should provide and promote as an affiliate only niche products to be able to generate a positive revenue stream.

Although you may choose to be an affiliate promoting products specific to your niche and in doing so you are able to generate a positive revenue stream for your work, you are not restricted to only being an affiliate or representative to one company or one product.   You can have several affiliate ads for various products

There are also other ways to generate a positive revenue stream.  You can create your own squeeze or landing page to collect your reader’s email addresses.  With these addresses you are able to a. market any product you are promoting within your niche and b.  Email your readers with an opt-in to receive a newsletter or other information from your niche.

As your reader’s trust grows in your information, you have the opportunity to recommend other products you are promoting in your niche.  If the product you recommended to the reader answered a need of theirs, you have increased your access to them for other offers.   You are working towards having access to your readers with unlimited opportunities to be able to recommend products to them.

The intent of these three beliefs was not to stop you but only to inform you.  The online marketing world is constantly changing and growing in ways that only a few years ago were unimaginable.  There are those that succeed and those who don’t.

As with most businesses, the majority of online marketers starting out have access to the same information and an opportunity of success.  Not all will accomplish success.  Some may misinterpret the information they gathered and not choose their niche wisely and some, unknowingly, may not have the business sense required.  To these individuals the recommendation is to unplug and restart and see if you can determine where you became derailed on your journey to success.

For those who are able to make the right decisions, you are in the 10% of being profitable and the online world is open to you in your one initially selected niche or any others you have branched into.


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