Jan 31 2016

7 Step Internet Success Formula

7 Step Internet Success Formula

Have you ever tried to start an online business?  Have you tried and failed or does it just seem impossible to get it going?  I am here to let you know that when you have the basic principles in place along with a few systems and tools, it really is not that hard.  In fact, it will grow into a successful business very quickly.  So let’s discuss what the 7 steps are –

  • Find a need or problem

Here are ways you can come up with a good product or service to market.

Pain is the greatest motivator. What product or service causes your prospect great pain?

Physical pain? Emotional pain?

How is that pain manifested?

Look at just a few industries below to get great ideas.

Financial: debts, bills

Networkers: rejection with sales, fear of phone.

Internet Marketers: terminology, marketing, budget, what’s working, traffic, design etc. These are just a few.

  • Find or create a solution

That solution can be an affiliate product, a new solution, an ebook, video, etc.  This step is only to talk about the solution, do not offer it yet.

This will happen in step 5.  A video or ebook giving an intro is perfect for this step.

  • Set up your marketing system

Have you ever heard the term sales funnel?

It is a system that is designed to get people saying yes along the way through every step of the process.  This funnel is one of the systems that helps facilitate the 7 steps.

  • Give away free value. Build credibility
  • Offer the solution
  • Follow up
  • Make premium offers

These steps are being used by all successful businesses online.  People are earning 6, 7 and even good 8 figures online using these steps.

Who is your target audience?  Who wants what you have?  These are questions you need to answer in order to put your business model together and get it going.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I’m now accepting just a few new students for my 30 day personalized coaching program.  This is real personalized attention…just you and me, working together with all the steps needed.

The coaching is custom-tailored for your unique situation, budget, time availability, etc.  It’s the fastest way I know for you to boost your income very quickly.

If you are serious click here to connect with me and fill out an application.


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