Apr 30 2016

Avoid Having Poorly Designed Websites

Avoid Having Poorly Designed Websites


The design of a website greatly influences its popularity.  However, if yours is one of the several poorly designed websites online, visitors will leave in droves without even bothering to look at any of the content.  By following established rules of web design, you will have people finding your website appealing and easy to access.

Use this checklist of flaws to Avoid Having Poorly Designed Websites to create the best-designed website you can for yourself.


Flaw #1 – Webpages that are too long.

You will only have one opportunity to make a first impression and if the most important content is below the fold, from newspaper lingo, your content might go unread.  When you have a lot of related content that needs to stay together, you might consider adding a link in each section to break it up into manageable segments.


Flaw #2 – Forcing force users to install strange BHOs.

Many tech-savvy users will not install an unknown BHO or browser helper object.  Common offenders can include platforms for interactive games, unusual video players and image viewers.  There are trusted plugins that can do what you need done without driving away users like Windows Media Player or even Flash for most standard use cases.


Flaw #3 – Not marking a file with an icon to open in an external program or to open a hyperlink in a new tab.

Several websites host either PDF files or the less common, DOC files.  Both file types require either Foxit Reader or Microsoft Word/OpenOffice to open.  Mark these files with their file type icon and a link to download the appropriate viewer should the user not have it.


Flaw #4 – No site map of your website.

Site maps serve several purposes and the most important reason to have one is a site map will make your visitors navigation throughout your website much easier.  The second reason is the major search engines can use your site map to index your entire website.  This will mean that your SEO, or search engine optimization, improves and your website receives more exposure resulting in you earning more of a potential profit.


Flaw #5 – Visitors do not have the ability to search your website.

You want your visitors to be able to look for and find what they want easier.  When you cannot find what you are looking for right away, what is your next thought?  Is it to locate a search field box?  Be sure to have this box placed on your website, usually in the upper right corner and include a search button.


Flaw #6 – Your website pages are loading too slowly.

Visitor demand that pages load quickly.  To accomplish this, all of your website images need to be compressed and with these compressed images, your pages will load much faster.  Do Not Frustrate your visitors by making them wait for large 250k graphics to load when it should be less than a 10th of that size.


Flaw #6 – Not using a content management system when building your website.

Building a website using just CSS or HTML is good foundational knowledge but these are only able to produce a static or non-moving website.  Web design has evolved into providing content and pages that are dynamic.  When you use coding skills with a content management system, you can practically design any website type you want.


Flaw #7 – Not making your website attractive or user friendly.

When you want to attract visitors to your website, it needs to look good.  There is a saying in interior design that pretty costs more.  Think of your website as your home.  Attractive meaning that it looks nice, clean, uncluttered and that friends like to stop by and stay.  Avoid a lot of flashing lights, as this can be a health hazard for some.  Have pleasing colors and font sizes that are readable without great magnification.  Mobile optimize your website, as that is where a majority of your visitors will be coming from. User friendly is your friends feeling at home and being able to find what they want easily.  Your website should not be a scavenger hunt with visitors trying to guess when you placed your content or information.


You want to avoid being in that group of poorly designed websites that causes your visitors to leave your website and discourages them from ever coming back.

Use these strategies that work to make your flaw corrections and you will see an increase in your website traffic and make your website more successful and profitable.


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