Mar 29 2016

Coach or Mentor Which Should You Choose



Coach or Mentor, have you ever thought about having either one?  Most have thought they are the one in the same, and that would be understandable.  Their definitions would be hard to know when in the past they have been used as identical and interchangeable terms.

Would you need a Coach or Mentor?  Did you know there is a difference and they come with their own characteristics and talents and are not Siamese by definitions?

If you looking to hire one or the other and thinking a Coach or Mentor which should you choose, the first thing to do is to learn what each can do for your company prior to making your decision.

From these definitions, points and perspectives, you will select a Coach or Mentor that will be appropriate for you, your company, your staff or employees.  Good luck in making your decision.


A Coach is

  • Oriented to Tasks teaching to think strategically; speak well; and manage effectively.
  • Short Term and the time involvement is limited, unusually less than 10 sessions.
  • Driven by Increased Performance by improving your current skill sets or teaching new skill sets.
  • Immediately available with the exception of the physical logistics.
  • Using and becoming partners with the current and immediate supervisors for guidance on what skills need to be improved.


A Mentor is

  • Oriented to Relationships to understand the work/home harmony and balance, self-perception and confidence, how your lives are influenced personal vs. work.
  • Long Term and the time involvement is for an extended period, usually nine to twelve months.
  • Driven by the Development of the individual and their current position and in future jobs.
  • Thoughts are Intensive and written down to create a plan that includes personal areas to concentrate on, specific models to incorporate and the guidelines to follow within the relationships with focus on the process of a correct match up.
  • A solo operation with limited contact is maintained and only suggestions or recommendations coming from the immediate supervisor. This helps retain the mentor’s integrity in this one on one relationship.


Consider a Coach

  • When you need to develop a level or benchmark for your staff or employees to succeed using your performance goals and guidelines.
  • To assist your staff or employees who are falling short of accomplishing your performance guidelines.
  • To train in operating and utilizing any new programs or systems releases or upgrades.
  • To assist in training small groups of staff or employees when competency is required using your performance guidelines.
  • To assist in teaching new skill sets to recently promoted company leaders or those who have acquired new responsibilities without having the benefit of previous training.


Consider a Mentor

  • To develop your staff or employees to become leaders within your company, removing roadblocks that are holding them back from consideration for any promotions.
  • To assist you in retaining for the long term and benefit of your company, your experienced, core staff or employees.
  • To assist your staff or employees to realize that for the company to be a success with an integrated workforce their lives need to be in balance between work and home.

Have you decided?  Is it a Coach or Mentor?


If feeling a little overwhelmed or should you need any assistance, please click here and we will respond as promptly as possible.


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