Feb 27 2016

Creating Buzz Around Your New Releases

Creating Buzz Around Your New Releases   

You’re excited about your new product but is the rest of the world?  You aren’t done after the product is made, you need to advertise and creating buzz around your new releases will result in your generating a positive revenue stream.

Try these simple techniques on your next product release.

  1. Branding your release
  • Similar to the same procedures done for a project or an advertising campaign
  • Shows that your release is tied to your company, is a legitimate offer and intended to be of value to your readers
  • Readers identify your release with you and your company
  • Use the same logos, colors, font sizes and type styles from beginning to end to create the product and throughout all of the advertising and promotions that follows


  1. Install a cover page
  • Builds anticipation
  • Use to preview features
  • Use to register for mailings or newsletters
  • Use to connect to your social media platforms
  • Include the countdown clock


  1. Include a countdown clock
  • Serves as a memory jogger
  • Creates an air of expectancy
  • Add to all of your online advertising whether sites and platforms


  1. Use your blog
  • You have it, so use it
  • Give readers tidbits of the information
  • Tell a few advantages and the value for them
  • Give tips of how to use your new release
  • Tie to other products
  • Ask for their support
  • Include the countdown clock


  1. Use your social media platforms
  • Advertise with pictures of what happening to prepare for the release, tease your readers
  • Readers like the human side of businesses
  • Assists in pre-release questions or comments
  • Shares and likes boost anticipation
  • Include the countdown clock


  1. Have a free gift
  • Develops audience anticipation and participation in your release to share with others


  1. Keep your cards close to your chest
  • Don’t give away your secrets in the excitement of pre-release
  • Only tease until release day
  • Share too much and you could have someone permanently borrow your idea and launch before you


  1. Ask for assistance from your network
  • Send a gift or your product requesting a word or boost
  • Thank them for anything they can do to help you with your release


  1. Produce a video
  • Use on release day
  • Invest and have it done professionally, equates to being honest and not a scam


  1. Restrict the number you release
  • Limiting causes action not to be left out
  • Develops anticipation for re-lease if they missed the first one


  1. Schedule your release for middle of the week
  • Gives you time pre-release for last push
  • Gives you time post-release to handle any questions, comments, glitches


Let us know if any of these techniques creating buzz around your new releases helped you with your next product and/or service release and generated the positive revenue stream you wanted.


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