Jan 22 2016

E-commerce Business Can Create Cyber Sweat


E-commerce Business Can Create Cyber Sweat

 – As the owner of a storefront, you focus on how your products look and how they will be presented on your racks and in your windows displays.  You take note of your sales leaflets and each items description.  Your sales staff and associates is experienced and knows each product.  They know which products are new, what product will fit with or compliment another in your lines. 

If you are a clothing boutique, these experienced staffers will have the understanding and ability to know what can be paired with what, what colors and clothing options work well together or could be combined for ‘that look’ and they will know the accessories to add that works to ‘top off’ any ensemble.

If you are a cosmetic store, your associates will be assisting a client simply discover the best shade of lipstick or a the fragrance that matches their taste and personality.

It intrigues market watchers that many e-commerce businesses are more likely to be less interested in this dynamic. Since most e-commerce businesses are sole proprietors, you probably will not have a call center or online sales staff, however, you can take the knowledge from a storefront operation and have an effect on secondary purchases.

Your rack and window displays are when you create a grouping or collection of popular products that have worked well for other clients.  Your items descriptions are the same as a storefront owner, however, you pay attention and your sales leaflets are your products and their descriptions.  By you designing and accessorizing your products, you are able to re-dress or repackage your online presence thus enabling your clients to experience the sensation that things are constantly brand new with your e-commerce company. 

There are a lot of e-commerce start-up companies that look at the entire idea of e-commerce as a ‘get rich quick’ system that is basically hands-free. You just set up a company shop, do something else entirely while you are waiting for your checks to start rolling in.  If only it were that simple.

But would you want it that simple, really?  In fact, we all ought to be glad that the process is not that simple due to the fact that in the end your work ethic is what separates you from those who failed in their planning and preparation to establish and develop the designs of their website.  You took the time and effort to create their business plan, learn and develop the techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a detailed plan that gives you the capability to grow an online company that will be successful.

The fact that e-commerce is able to help to make time readily available to you by using methods a standard brick and mortar company appears to be less efficient in, is true.  With that said, an e-commerce company is far from a hands-free operation.

Numerous websites will post updates or upgrades to knowledge-based articles either on a quarterly, a monthly, a weekly or more often than not, on a day-to-day basis depending upon the website’s design, the number of visitors to the site (traffic) or other variables being tracked.

It is a misconception to believe that a company that is online company needs little effort to operate to have the big returns that are many times promised.  A lot of company start-ups do not take the time to consider the number of difficulties related to educating yourself initially to know, to understand and to continue to find out the newest SEO methods, website designs, web branding and other abilities distinct and specialized for e-commerce.

Should you choose to try establish an e-commerce store, there are several benefits over a standard traditional store.  If you have a drive to learn the abilities and develop a strong web presence, you just may be in line for a future success story in e-commerce.

However, if you still think that an e-commerce store is a get-rich-quick business venture, you will be deeply disappointed when you have lost the money invested when you started and those around you said I told you so.

Don’t be that statistic because the old adage is true, there is no free lunch.  Do your homework, invest wisely and your cyber sweat will be real.  

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