Apr 09 2016

Facebook Business Page and Marketing

Facebook Business Page and Marketing

Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform because it enables friends and family to connect easily with each other. With this popularity still growing, your business can take advantage of this by marketing on Facebook and creating a Facebook Business Page.

See if these tips can be an advantage as you see how to use Facebook for marketing.

As with any forms, especially a marketing campaign, filling in the blanks is imperative.  Complete and do not leave any sections of your Facebook or Facebook Business Page blank if you are taking the time and effort to start using these to market your business.  Neglecting to enter your business information and you are harming yourself.  Businesses that are missing information will see users going elsewhere to get what they need.  So why did you bother to start this in the first place, if you are going to keep your business information secret?

If you are an extremely shy person and plan to market your business on Facebook, you need to work on this prior to beginning any social media marketing campaign.  Facebook users will not do business with someone who is having a difficult time communicating with them. If you find this is not something you can change about yourself and you still want to market on Facebook, you need to consider hiring a person to do your social media marketing for your business.

Contrary to some techniques and supporters, do not buy Facebook fans to make your business look bigger than you really are because it will backfire on you.  These purchased fans are non-existent and bring nothing to your business and your inflated numbers are just that, hot air and not worth the money spent to acquire them.  Unless you have money to burn, dedicate this cost to something else worthwhile.

You can gain a lot of positive attention by knowing when you should post outside of your own Facebook page about your business. Learn how to schedule and link to your business website.  Also, do not spam Facebook users by over posting and always keep your business postings professional, reflecting your integrity.  Do not annoy the users or they can damage you and your company.

After you have begun your marketing on Facebook or your Facebook Business Page, Facebook users are looking for information and they want it on a schedule.  Post regularly, at least once or twice each day and do not wait too long in between postings or you risk your audience leaving you to go to a different page.

When posting your primary goal is to elicit responses from your community.  Think about and phrase your posts so people will want to comment on what you have to say.  One of the best methods is to ask their opinion.

When promoting your business on Facebook or your Business Page, include images or photographs to convey your marketing messages because they are a great way to show case what products and/or service you have. Include with the photos your descriptions and additional information that your users will find helpful and/or interesting and do not omit this step or you will miss key search and SEO, search engine optimization, capabilities.

Having a contest on is a good way to make more people pay attention to your Facebook Business Page.  Use the contest to your advantage and reward users with prizes and incentives if they like your page.  Remember you must follow through and award these prizes or incentives or your business page will not be trusted.  Make a big deal with your presentations.
Many successful business owners are doing their social media marketing on Facebook and seeing the benefits.  If you are a start-up or a large business, company or corporation, Facebook and Facebook Business Page and Marketing can work for you.

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