Feb 08 2016

Find Limitless Content In Social Settings

Find Limitless Content In Social Settings

Have you ever thought about social media and internet marketing in the same context as is it possible to find limitless content in social setting?  If not, here’s your opportunity.

Using social media platforms and social setting as places to collect content ideas to write about may or may not be new resources for you.  The best part of traveling these avenues is that the venues can be considered entertainment.  What better ways are there when gathering content ideas to write about, than to have fun and learn something at the same time?   And you can be incognito, without the cape of being an authority in your field or niche, to pick up or glean ideas from anywhere, on anything and from anyone.

So, what more could you ask for?  Probably just the resources below.

  1. By connecting online for training sessions and webinars

Almost all of us have done at least one webinar and hopefully, it wasn’t a waste of your time.  Can you name the last webinar you signed into?  Did you learn anything?  Did you have an ‘aha’ moment with I didn’t know or think about that?  Did you think I could apply that?  Did you take notes to write those points down?  If not, you need to start making notes.  I am reminded of an old quote that applies here, ‘your memory is only as good as the shortest pencil.’

If you plan and are determined to collect and apply the ideas you have heard, you need to write them down.  By doing so, you now have notes that can give you topics and subjects from which to write your articles.  Did you catch the part about apply the ideas you have heard?  This gives you other forms in which to write.  How did one or all of the ideas affect you and your business?  Were they easy to implement?  Would you do it again?  Did you change any aspect of the idea?  The options are endless for content to write about and all you did was attend, which you were going to do anyway, listen (undisturbed and not multi-tasking) and take notes on points that caught your interest.

Remember to also stay long enough for the questions and answers normally at the end.  You never know where your content ideas may come from.

  1. By physically attending seminars, conferences, workshops, leadership forums, etc.

As with webinars, most individuals have gone to a live event.  The same questions will apply here as with the webinars.  Review your notes regularly.  Circumstances and situations change and you will find ideas hidden that you didn’t see or think about when writing.

Added bonuses of these live events are more in-depth explanations and the interactions you have with the attendees.  With these two bonuses you gained reams of notes from the event, content ideas for your writing and more ideas from talking to the attendees.

Notice I said talking to although the buzz word would be networking with.  Think about this, what do you prefer, to be ‘talking to’ or to be ‘networking with’?  Same or different?  Are these semantics and the same or do you share the opinion that ‘talking to’ an attendee is learning about them, what they do, where are they from and a resource I could call upon later if needed them rather and they don’t want anything from me rather than ‘networking with’ an attendee because of who are they and how or what they can do for me right now or at a later date?  Content is to be engaging.  Did I succeed?

  1. Take the plunge, if you haven’t already, using your field, niche or interest as the base, join various forums or online social media platforms – i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and read what people are saying.

Is it just talk or are their questions being asked?  Is there a thread of commonality in the questions?  Aha, content idea.

Research so you answer them correctly and intelligently.  You not only wrote on a content idea you received a boost in credibility as an authority.

Earlier I said, what more could you ask for.   Is it having super powers to write with the strength of Superman, ‘able to leap tall building with a single bound’, with persuasive content as the Terminator, ‘I’ll be back’ to become an authority like Darth Vader, ‘I am your father’?  An individual with super powers, probably not.

Instead, how about an individual with the abilities to write with conviction, providing information and benefits to their readers, is able to wear a mantle of authority in their field and niche?


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