Mar 24 2016

Fixing Errors Made In Product Creation

Are you into internet marketing full force?  Do you believe you are ready now to have a product of your own to sell?   Where are you at – in the thinking, beginning stages or completed your product for sale?  What else have you done?  If your response is nothing, then you may be fixing errors made in product creation that you did not know existed.

Can you correct these errors before you get any further?  Yes, if you are in the creating stages, you will be able to avoid these errors.  If you are, further along and in prepublication, not all is lost.  You can make corrections without influencing your product (hopefully).  The exception is if you have already posted your product online because it has made its first impression.

See if you made any errors, then revise and/or correct from where you are at with your product:

Error #1.  You do not have your advertising and marketing plan in place prior to starting, working on or completing your product. 

Why you ask?  A great product without buyers will sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Having this plan may sound like extra work, it really is not.  You will recall that you did most of the work prior to even starting your business.

You are going to use that research data now.  You have completed:

  • The research of your intended market.
  • Identifying your niche and audience.
  • A list of known websites where your niche audience frequents.
  • A list of ways to communicate with your niche audience.

Knowing who your audience is, what they need, where they are and how to reach them, your plan is well on its way.  Now you are going to fine-tune it.

Gather ideas of how to present your product in pre-launch, for example:

  • SEO your product
  • Use your blog for articles or comments
  • Participate and comment or answer questions, provide a solution with your product in your niche forums
  • Submitting articles to directories
  • Create banner or PPC, pay per click, ads
  • Buy media ads

You now have your niche audience waiting expectantly for your product that you are creating especially for them.  Why, because you knew their question or issue, you gave an answer, the solution is your product and the value and benefit is that you created your product just for them and will personally let them know when it is available.


Error #2.  You have an adorable product name or title.

You knew the question and created the product, now name your product as the solution. You want a title that speaks to that reader for them to buy.  Leave cute titles for children’s books unless that is your niche.

A good market research resource is Clickbank for book titles.  Look at their bestseller titles in your niche.  Using their authority or influence, create your title to detour possibly some of that interest to your product.


Error #3.   Your sales results expectations focus solely on completion of your quality product.

There has been much said about pride in a job well done, however, your business cannot survive on a quality product that no one knows about.  Simply:  your product less advertising and marketing = zero sales and no business.

When your product has passed its quality control checks, there is a time to accept the finished product as completed and move on.  The chosen direction you should be moving towards and into is your advertising and marketing plan to contact your awaiting audience, letting them know where and when to get their product online or delivered.


With these errors avoided or corrected, you will find customers that are satisfied and pleased.  They asked a question or voiced an issue that you answered by creating the solution just for them.  Good luck.


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