May 10 2016

How To Market Yourself On Facebook

How To Market Yourself On Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, anyone can get the word out on social media about his or her company, whether big or small.  Sadly, that means your competition is likely already there, marketing to the online world.  With that said, they might not be doing their marketing in the best way possible.

This article, How To Market Yourself On Facebook, will teach you how to do it better than they are.

  • Do not sign up for a Facebook account and expect the name of your brand to speak for itself.  Even if you are marketing a brand that is fairly well established, you still need to do the work to make it even more popular.  Learning how to market yourself on Facebook will be one thing, the second is doing.  If you do not work on that marketing, a result can be losing your fans.
  • It is important that your posts are always professional.  Even with social media being so relaxed, do not post anything deemed unprofessional.  You are the company and your reputations are co-mingled.  Always presenting a professional voice will inspire trust and respect from your customers.
  • Do not create postings that are too long.  Although you may have a lot of information to share, no one wants to wade through 1,000 words to find your point.  Keep all postings as short as possible and ensure they are well written.  You want people to find the main idea and grasp it.
  • When posting something, one of your intentions should be to elicit community responses.  Think about each post.  Decide how to phrase things so that people will comment on what you have posted and ask explicitly for their opinions.
  • Provide exclusive content only available to readers who have liked your page.  Internet readers often feel that because it is exclusive the content is better.  Since a Like choice costs the reader nothing, they are more likely to give it out of curiosity while your business will benefit from the advertising.
  • Post only relevant content to the interests of your targeted audience on your Facebook page.  Do not be caught up in the social aspect of social media and begin posting anything you find interesting.  By keeping your postings relevant, will better engage your audience than having many pointless posts.
  • Organize a contest on Facebook encouraging your subscribers in one of their updates to tag you.  As an example, have them share a review of a product or a photo of them using the product they bought.  Give a free product to the reader that receives the most votes for the best submission.  Reader/contestants will encourage their friends to vote for their entry.
  • Facebook is a huge and ever-growing community so get your brand names secured on their network.  If you are lucky enough to have a name not taken yet, secure it as quickly as possible.  You never know when someone may just pick that name and you will have to start over.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, the best campaign is always the one, which is better than what your competition has to be the top dog in your field.

The advice here in How To Market Yourself On Facebook was to provide you with the ability to have something better than any other company can come up with, so put it to good use!


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