Jun 13 2016

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

How to Blog and Make Money From the Internet at the Same Time.

Most worthwhile projects or goals demand a series of steps and perseverance as time passes in order to complete and accomplish.  To carry out any complex project or achieve most worthwhile goals requires concentration, dedication and a few steps accomplished during a period of time.  All that is also true about anything like determining to earn more money from your blog. Here’s how to do just that in 4 simple steps.
Step 1. Optimize your website for better position on Google.  This is a crucial step that will need your full attention. You must equip your WordPress blog with SEO plugins. Insert relevant long tail keywords in your blog title, description and meta keywords tags. An important thing to remember here is that keyword stuffing must be avoided as blogs having such content had been penalized by recent Google updates.  The most important aspect to succeed with blogging is writing informative and user engaging content. Producing interesting blog posts can be a daunting thing to do if you are not familiar with doing it. A lot of bloggers don’t really know the power of blogging just because they don’t make the effort to make their posts better. People are always searching for appealing info in all niches, and you are a winner if you can provide it.

The simplest way to Start A Blog And Make Money and create a mesmerizing blog post is to take a controversial side of an issue and ask readers for their opinions on the subject. Your aim here is to make the post an interactive one where it attracts a lot of comments.  This is a general method that is often overlooked by many bloggers.  You can write your post in a convincing manner first and then end it with you an open-ended question, so that the readers can respond back and give their opinion on it. Most people like to express their opinions, so why not use a current topic and let them do just that?

Step 2. Another way to Start A Blog And Make Money is to put as many money making sources in your blog, especially those without selling. This will be important because most of your returning visitors will probably not buy from you frequently. By adding AdSense, CPA offers, affiliate links and selling banner ads space, you can generate more revenue from the blog.

Step 3. Generate more traffic with less work by using strategies that are working now. You can get traffic from saturated methods such as PPC advertising, but it will cost you lots of money due to high competition.  That’s why you need to uncover new traffic secrets by using methods like video marketing and up to date SEO strategies with good keyword research.

Step 4. Use Twitter to promote your blog as well. If you are going to make affiliate sales, then you should give more attention to search engine marketing. However, for CPA marketing and Adsense, Twitter traffic is good enough.  Get more followers, follow new people and post useful tweets to your followers.  You can also use Facebook to gather more fans and get more visitors. Facebook is one hot topic among marketers due to its high potential in driving lots of potential customers to one business site.

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