Mar 14 2016

Increase Your Leads By 1000 Percent By Adding

Increase your leads by 1000 percent by adding…  First, what is a lead?  Second, what are you supposed to add?

Without leads or individuals, you are like fully stocked shelves and no one around to buy.  However, if you end up with individuals stopping to browse the probability of these individuals becoming your customers only happens if what you have to sell is what they want to buy.  These individuals, or leads, need to have the potential of buying, individuals qualified by displayed interest.

With internet marketing to be able to gain a list of potential leads, you need to have additional individuals visit your website who want to buy what you are offering.  These become your qualified individuals, or leads on your list, and not just lookers.

Increase your leads by 1000 percent by adding these how-to methods and you too, can succeed in getting those qualified individuals to your website.


  1. There is power in your words. Your website needs to be providing information that answers or resolves questions, problems or issues your niche audience is asking or stating.  If your information is able to accomplish these tasks, then you are giving your audience value.  With value comes the opportunity to present the benefits of using your offer/s in their solutions.


  1. Frequency of original content. You need to create a plan and a schedule to publish original content to your blog website or blog page three to five times a week.  Data has shown that frequent and consistent blogging is able to generate a 55% increase in interested individuals coming to a website than those blogging websites with less original content published.


  1. Using Social Media Networks. There are many times when you will be able to answer a question posted on one of the social media platforms.  You are able to find questions through many sources:  on another post, in a chat room, a group or within a forum on the post or the topic.  Answer to the best of your ability.   Provide links to the content on your website that relate to your answers.  Individuals that find value and benefits in your answers will be using the links you have provided to visit your website to learn more.  This increases interested individuals or leads and gives you the opportunity to present further solutions to questions they might not know they have.  If you cannot monitor social media yourself, this marketing avenue to obtain more leads would be one to invest in with additional staff.


  1. Distributing your original content.  There are several places, where you have the opportunity to publish your original content, in addition to your website.  As mentioned in #3, using links within your answers on social media is one way to use these networks.  Another is to create a business page on each of the networks and have your original content that you publish on your blog website or page auto post and publish on a social media business page.  **Be aware, any changes or error corrections you make to the original content published on your website blog or page will not change or correct any auto posted, published content on your social media business page.  Once on social media, always on social media as initially published unless manually deleted from your business page.


  1. Establish a monitoring process of visitors and building a list of your interested individuals. You need to know about your visitors as interested individuals:  where they are coming from, how long were they on your website, if they buy, when they buy and what page influenced them to buy.  By having all of this data, you can then make needed adjustments to your website and blog page to increase a visitors and an interested individual’s length of stay to create qualified individuals or leads to become buyers.


You not only want to have your website seen by more visitors and by interested individuals, you need to gather the information on these qualified leads, individuals who have already displayed an interest in your offer by coming to your website and persuade them to read more about the value of your offer and ultimately click to buy your offer.

These actions will change your offer from being sent to all and considered spam to intentionally marketing to qualified individuals or leads.


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