Feb 22 2016

Mentor-Teacher Coach-Trainer Principles

Mentor-Teacher Coach-Trainer Principles

Learning the differences in Mentor-Teacher Coach-Trainer principles will help you determine which person and traits you would like for yourself.

For any person assigned or entrusted with the responsibility of directing or assisting an individual along their life’s proper path can be at times difficult, complicated, challenging or overwhelming.  The person directing or assisting has a great deal of fragile issues to balance and both jobs have principles to serve the individual in the best possible manner.

The person assisting, the Mentor-Teacher, often needs patience to let the individual have the opportunity wander off to get the experience and learn.

The processes of the Mentor-Teacher is assisting and includes building a relationship and a togetherness that bonds or joins the Mentor-Teacher with the Student- Protégé.   The Mentor-Teacher is normally older, calmer and smarter with more education, knowledge and experience.  This in comparison to the characteristics of what the Student-Protégé might possess with less on all aspects.

The Mentor-Teacher’s job is to guide the unskilled Student-Protégé and on how to live better or how to work better.  This has been seen in business when a new hire is taken under the wing an older employee who teaches the company ropes and guides them through the minefields of corporate or business life.   Success results when the Student-Protégé assumes the duties of the Mentor-Teacher’s.

As the Student-Protégé increases their knowledge from the Mentor-Teacher, the Student-Protégé succeeds and hopefully excels past their Mentor-Teacher.

While the person directing, the Coach-Trainer, needs to have the strength to admonish the individual when the individual is not complying or wandering off the proper path.

The processes of the Coach-Trainer is directing how the Student-Protégé is to operate and function team in order for them to satisfy an end goal.  This includes giving the Student-Protégé the guidelines, directions and educating them in how something is to be done and when it is to be completed.

A Coach-Trainer might use one or all of the following methods to inspire the Student- Protégé to succeed:  through talks that inspire or motivate, workshops or physical practice.  This process of Coach-Trainer can be seen in marriages with a goal to strengthen the bond between the two partners, in families with the goal to create an attachment between all members, parents and children that also enhances individually while remaining strong to the core group or for a sports teams who plays well with the fundamentals they were taught and with winning as the end thought and the fulfillment of their goal.

The variety of methods and strategies and the processes connected to being a Mentor-Teacher assisting or a Coach-Trainer directing a Student- Protégé are many.  Should you find you need one or decide you would like additional details on either, you can do online research first and/or then call a professional.

If and when the time arises for assistance, may you have the courage to recognize the situation for what it is and that you will reach out to the person or the people who will be qualified to respond.


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