May 05 2016

Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 1

Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 1


When it comes to generating leads you will need to know what an organic lead is and then how to set up your lead organization.  You need to gain the skills and with that comes the knowledge of how to implement what you have learned from your reading.

After you have read various articles, do not be afraid to ask questions.  This article, Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips, Part 1, will help you become a leader in your field and answer the questions you may have.  If you have more questions than the answers provided, please send us a comment below and we will be pleased to assist you.

Leads that are Organic

The definition first:  An organic lead is a customer that you did not need to buy or find, because they found you first through a search, a link or a social media connection.  A customer also known as a client paid for a product and/or service.  A prospect is an individual as is known as part of your targeted niche audience, a reader, a visitor or a user.

Lead Organization

We will now look at the ways to organize and gather your leads through the various resources.

FAXES:  Remember these?  Try using a fax campaign to increase your generated leads.  A fax message might seem to be a very 1980’s method of how to communicate with a business, however, many companies still rely on this type of technology.  This fact will give you the edge over those who are into gadgets and gizmos and have ignored the possibilities with a fax machine in the 21st century.  Now, you can be ahead of your competitors as you have a clear path to these potential customers and have a better chance of connecting with them.  Do you see that there is less competition to battle and you are not up against the clutter and mountain of like emails they have to wade through?


FORUMS, DISCUSSIONS AND CHATS:  Being more active in these niche-relevant groups can result in generating easy leads.  When you have made yourself available where the visitors are asking questions, you can be a go-to source for them, which gains their trust and you are branding your website and yourself at the same time.  These positive results gain their appreciation for your assistance, which could translate into one or more visits to your website to get more information or they may even make a purchase!


KISS – keeping it simply simple:  Avoid overkill when you are collecting a potential leads information.  If you have offered something of value in exchange for their name and email address, most leads do not feel threatened and will gladly supply their basic information.  If you start to ask for too much information, each data field that your potential lead has to fill in and their desire to continue drops.  Collect the basic necessities to qualify the lead without pushing for additional information.

**A very important legal TIP here:  you must have their written approval to send them any communications or you can be labeled as a spammer and result in your website being blocked or shut down by your server.


You now have time to review these tips in Part 1 and maybe set some in motion prior to the conclusion of this article with Part 2 on Saturday, May 7, of additional Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips.  We really appreciate you being with us, see you on Saturday.


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