May 07 2016

Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 2

Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 2


On Thursday, May 5, we started this article with Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips, Part 1.  In part 1, you were given the definition of a lead that is organic and some lead resources.  You now have had time to review and digest the information that you read then.

Today, we will conclude with Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 2, and where you can gather additional organic leads and how each lead resource is set up and organized.  We will speak to paid leads at the conclusion.

As previously stated, do not be afraid to ask questions.  If you have more questions than the answers provided in either of these two articles, please send us a comment below and we will be pleased to assist you.

Lead Organization – continued

LOCAL EVENTS:  Leads can come from any source and your community should be one of the first places where you are gathering names.  Some suggested examples are:

  • Attend fairs and/or expos:  Register and pay for a table and hand out your information or pamphlets. Have a raffle or giveaway.  Ask the people stopping by to sign up for your mailing list, asking for their name and email.  In exchange for that information, enter them into your raffle.  When you have their information, do a raffle entry form right then and give them their stub.  It may be a slow process, but it is also personalized.  As someone who was asked and gave my name and email address to be contacted later, I would appreciate the time you took.
  • Buy a sponsorship package for a cycling race or a little league team.  Publicize on a local TV channel talking about the event, submit an article in the local paper or just talk to people who are watching the race or a game.
  • What is going on in your local community related to your business field? Wedding expos or shows may be beneficial to a real estate agent or broker as a good venue for promoting and marketing to newlyweds who are often in the market for a new home.
  • Watch the local papers to know what events are coming to town.


SEO YOUR WEBSITE:  SEO or search engine optimization, while organic, is all about lead generation as well.  How you ask? A user or the customer base of your targeted audience has entered certain words onto their browser and is searching for keywords that are niche specific.  When you are targeting or using the right keywords in all of your content on your websites, then you are generating new organic leads and creating traffic.  Remember, they are finding you.

Without traffic, you do not exist to an online user and without traffic, you cannot produce leads and without a lead, you cannot have a sale.  Although SEO does take time, search engine optimization is a work in progress and should always be at the forefront of your lead gathering plan and strategy.

Read an earlier SEO article.


PAYING FOR LEADS:  Research various businesses online that offer leads for purchase and use this method when organic leads are not working fast enough for you and you want leads instantly.  A paid lead is not bad, in fact, these companies can deliver leads to you at costs that can be surprisingly low.  However, sometimes, the costs can start to creep up and you end up investing more cash to purchase more leads than initially intended.

Be aware some problems can arise with purchased leads.  Some of the leads could be a duplicate from a previous list purchased or the person you have contacted is very angry with you for contacting them.  This is a result of poor follow-through of other and prior lead purchasers.  Many of these leads may have been recycled to other lead buyers more than once before you bought them.  Some lead companies and prior users do not take the time to do what a lead requests and that is to not contact them, ever!

When the time is taken and done correctly, the lead number is placed on a DNC, which is a do not call list and emails are done the same way through a do not contact list with the company you bought from.

If it is a reputable company, they have done the follow up with the National Do Not Call Registry and with their own system to ensure their leads are clean and viable to you.  Because there are so many online scams, do your research and read any agreement before you sign up with any company to ensure you will be receiving legitimate names and emails or names and phone numbers.


You have spent the time to read this article, Organic Lead Organization And Generation Tips Part 2, and the previous Part 1.  Now is the time to put all or some of this information into use and/or set others into motion.  If you can start any of these tips today, you will be within sight of your goals or be able to reach others after a short time.

Then, as you look back on your efforts, you will be so proud of the hard work you put in to achieve your success.

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