Apr 28 2016

Questions and Answers In A Web Hosting Talk

Questions and Answers In A Web Hosting Talk

You need to have a great web host and it will not matter the type of website you have, be it a personal blog to a business website.  The services provided by a web hosting company will be to provide security, access to your website and tools needed for your success.

This article, Questions and Answers In A Web Hosting Talk, is to help you understand what you need to know when securing a good web host.

  1. Ensure any offers you select of being “unlimited” data transfers are unlimited in reality. Many web hosts advertise unlimited data transfer in an offer and then tuck exceptions into the conditions and terms for the package.  These common exceptions include usage limits on CPU’s, video or non-HTML file downloads being limited and general prohibitions on using “too many resources.”
  1. After your website up and operating, it will be important that you gather statistics about your site. These statistics will give you many things including the number of customers and their actions.  Locate a great web hosting service that provides the types of statistics you need in making your business decisions.
  1. Ask what other programming services your potential web hosting service offers. You do not want your websites to be limited to CSS and HTML.  The best web hosts offer the ability to code websites using ASP and PHP as well.  Even when you might not think you will need or use these languages, you should use a web hosting services with these capabilities.  As you are growing in your knowledge of web design, you might want to use these languages to help reach your website’s full potential.
  1. Do not select your web-host service provider based solely on price. Although using a free or a cheap web hosting service might appear to save money when first starting out, these hosts might not offer the disk space or bandwidth you need in the future.  The cost of services should only be one of the factors when making your final decision so that you ensure that you get what you most need.
  1. You will need to determine the amount of bandwidth you will require prior to shopping for a web hosting service. Keep in mind that you need more bandwidth if you will be including videos, images or photos on your website.  Compare different bandwidth plans and purchase a plan that will give you a fraction more bandwidth than you think you need so you will have room to expand your website.
  1. Never register your domain with the web hosting service you select. Several people do this mistakenly and then later realize they cannot transfer their website to another hosting service should they want to change.  You might want to change because the host went bankrupt or any other number of business related reason.  Always register your domain name with a company different from your web-hosting provider.
  1. Verify that the web hosting service you choose has a very high uptime guarantee. Uptime is the percentage of time that a server is online.  For instance, when a web hosting service says that their servers are providing 99% uptime then their servers are online 99% of the time.  This is a major factor and why it is so important when selecting a host that you DO NOT select a web hosting service that cannot give you a high uptime percentage from their servers.

Regardless of whether you just want to publish a blog or you are trying to maintain a multi-page site for your business, you need to find a reliable web hosting service.  From downtime to security, they are responsible for ensuring your website stays online and that you will continue to do business.  The web hosting service provider you select will affect your business in a very big way.

With the tips and suggestions you received from, Questions and Answers In A Web Hosting Talk, we want these to help you find a good and solid web hosting service.

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