Feb 20 2016

Reliably Measure Social Media Success

Reliably Measure Social Media Success 

For those who are currently have made or trying to make their living using the internet for business, know that those individuals who had preceded them and that did their job correctly and effectively, marketing on social media platforms, achieved success.  Seeing this, you wish to attempt do the same, with the same methods, same techniques and the same monetary results or at least close to them.  Let’s see if these results are possible?

You have a website with all of the pages that displays and explains about your company, its employees, history, mission statement; and all of your products and/or services.  You have a separate blog website that has content that is continually being added to and is answering the questions your readers or customers are asking.  You are providing value and benefits to who you serve.  Your blog articles are posting on a social media page, you are connecting and talking to people as your readers and potential customers and clients.  You are online, on the social media platforms throughout your business day and when you go home.  When time is money, are your social media efforts resulting in the gains in positive revenue you need for your business?

If you could use some assistance in determining your success rate in social media, here are some ideas to try.

  1. Goals – Set and Specify

You cannot measure how far you have come without knowing where you started.  As a business, it is not wise to base on results only, achieving success is knowing how you got there.  Write specific, clear and realistic goals for your social media advertising and marketing campaign.  Plan for what you want to accomplish and what has to be done to reach each of your goals.  Look over your goals and understand the process of reaching each one.  Divide your goals into short term and long term.

  1. Tools – Use Web and Social Media Analytics

This might take some time, however, the time will be priceless when you are provided information on your website and/or blog website.  Where were you going to get the data showing a. the pages your visitors went to regularly; how many visits were there; where your visitors are from; language used; amount of time spent on each page of your website; and many other points you are able to collect data on.  Would it not be beneficial to have your website analyzed by web analytics that give you the habits of your visitors, readers, customers and clients and where your website might need work or upgrades?

  1. Tracking – Your Time and Efforts

You have your social media plan implemented, now you need to know if it’s working.   Compile the time it has taken with your implementation; add the numbers from your traffic sources, your reader’s feedback, your customer comments, your sales amounts and their point of origin-where they came from- emails, direct online, advertisement links, referrals, upgrades.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Use the best platform available to meet your needs

What social media platforms do you have accounts with?  Where are you publishing your advertising materials? Have you done the analytics to know which is providing you the greatest amount of business?  Decide on the most efficient platform to use for what you are advertising.  Learn that platform system so you are able to do what is the needed on that platform effectively and efficiently.  You do not want to get bogged down or be distracted into another task or another platform that could result in influencing the quality of the material you are trying to publish.

  1. Social Media Platforms – Keep Up-To-Date

Social Media Platform advertising and marketing demands you keep up the changes that occur frequently.  You need to be ahead of or at least in step with the constant upgrades and metrics of social media.  Your social media advertising and marketing plan requires the devotion of time to keep your plan updated, upgraded and the understanding and knowledge how to use the tools you have available to continually recreate and redesign your company’s social media online communities of devoted readers, customers and clients.  This would be the one point where knowing the pulse of your niche will benefit you greatly.

  1. Social Media Platforms – Hire Someone to Keep You Up-To-Date

Tied to #5, if you are unable to do this yourself, designate another staff member or employ a company to handle your social media advertising and the communications with your communities.  Either way you go, they need to have the knowledge and advertising skillset to be able to evaluate your social media data and metrics and determine how you are progressing within your social media advertising plan and your goals.

These are a few methods to reliably measure social media success for yourself and your customers.

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