Mar 16 2016

Reviving Your Content Relevancy for Marketing Today

How do you go about the task of reviving your content relevancy for marketing today?  And, why should you when you are producing content or material for your website, blog, newsletter, email offers and marketing your heart out?  Are you thinking your content is just fine and there is no reason to change what you are doing with your marketing?  Or, is there?

What is so special about your content that you are marketing?  Does anyone care?  You do because the content is yours but does anyone else?  Does your tracking tell you if your marketed content is read?  If your tracking is not able to provide this, you can correct your tracking.  However, when you distributed your content through your various outlets and it was not read, is just fine, still the way you want to think or go?

These are interesting questions to pose to a content writer and content marketer.

Consider these changes to take your content from “is just fine” and not read, to being “outstanding” with great ROI.

Change your definition of and approach to content marketing.

Content marketing is not content creation.

Content creation is writing and producing information (content or material) that has to be useful, of value, compels the reader to act and needs to be written in a way that sets itself apart from others giving similar advice.

Marketing is taking the smallest quantity of content to achieve the largest quantity of results to influence a change in a reader’s behavior.


Change your perspective of content and its goal.

Provide your information to be able to capture a reader’s attention so they will continue to read.  When they do, you have now become relevant to that reader.  If they delete or move on instead, your content is only fluff filling the web.


Change your writing methods.

Who are you writing to?  Within a business, this will be your targeted audience within your niche (field or interest).  Your niche needs to be a large enough audience to have people that are interested in it and small enough that your content will provide value and become relevant to your readers.  Do you need to narrow down your niche from a general category to a specific topic?

What are you writing about?  You are responding with an answer or a solution to a reader’s question from your audience while providing value to become relevant to that reader eyes.

Where are you writing?  Blogging has seen a dramatic increase and you are competing against hundreds of content postings.  Take your content and think of a different way to present it, by webinar, video, podcast, on social media, etc.

Why?  Why should anyone read your content?  Why is it different and unique?  Why would they change from what they are reading elsewhere?


Change your reader’s perception of our content.

Is your content wanted?  If your content disappeared, would anyone miss it?

You want your content to become something your reader (niche, targeted audience) looks forward to and does not want to miss, ever.

Content is getting a reader’s attention.  To have a reader’s attention and keep it is to be relevant to the reader. You cannot buy relevancy.  You earn being relevant from the value you give your readers within your content.


Marketing is your content’s journey from relevancy to results.

May your content’s journey be a short one from “is just right” to “outstanding”. 

Content Marketing requires all of this.

So, why are those who receive your content not reading it?


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