Jan 15 2016

Selecting Your Website Affiliate Banners

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Selecting Your Website Affiliate Banners

Affiliate marketing online is a reasonably current idea and has actually typically worked fairly well for many company owners who have actually offered affiliates these opportunities.  In doing so, the method of advertising that comes to mind are the banners obtained from the affiliate’s company and are published on a website and even though other advertising methods are used, marketing banners are typically commonplace. 

When you are searching for and trying to select banner ads to put on your website for your affiliate marketing, you will find that it is essential for you choose the appropriate banners for a number of reasons.  

You will find that several banners for affiliate marketing are extremely vibrant in their colors and designed with an abundance of detailed graphics focused on targeting the client base.  These clients had at one time expressed an interest in or wanted the affiliate’s marketed products and/or services.  

Many marketers would select these banners because of the colors and graphics.  They do not know that these types of affiliate marketing banners commonly will not have the sales results for the marketers of those products and/or services that you would think they would.

Let’s look at some of the factors for this lack of sales response to these types of affiliate marketing banners.

  1. These banners are just too…too loaded with colors, too elegant of text styles, too many images and on many computers today will take too long to download. You have, therefore, defeated the entire benefit of this affiliate marketing method.
  2. From the standpoint of sales, an affiliate marketer might consider selecting banners from the company’s marketing portfolio that are focused on the text thus saving you time and money.
  3. Several company owners who have chosen to use online affiliates in their marketing strategy have found that the text based banners offered to affiliate marketers have not had a significant difference in the click rate than any other banners offered for affiliate marketing.
  4. The affiliate marketing text links and banners may also be less irritating to your consumers due to the faster downloading time they will take.
  5. It has also been advised that when you are making your banner selections, that you consider the impact on your client base for any affiliate marketing banners that are flashing and/or blinking.
  6. The results from these types and styles of graphics with the colors on these banners are often able to produce more clicks from your affiliate marketer’s targeted clients.
  7. These banners will, likewise, be fairly bothersome and annoying to others.
  8. In selecting any graphic ads, be sure that the ads are a part of your website’s affiliate marketing strategy.
  9. Be sure that the graphic banner ads will be complimentary to and will fit into your website’s color style and the overall plan of your site.
  10. You want any banner ads selected to do within your affiliate marketing, be they graphic or text, to boost your sales results and not sidetrack or cause any of your clients to leave your website due to any banner ad you may have chosen and published.

This is definitely a case where you must know your niche, your client base and their wants and needs.

There has been a lot to absorb and if this information has been a little too much and you would like assistance at any point with selecting your affiliate banner ads, contact us here.

And to say thank you to anyone who has assisted you with your business.

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