Feb 04 2016

Social Networks-Online Reality Venues Today

Social Networks-Online Reality Venues Today

When you decide to enter into and use one of the Social Networks-Online Reality Venues Today, you will find there are a variety of social media platforms to choose from.  There are diehards that consider Facebook the only valuable social network worthwhile to use, while those who are willing to venture past Facebook, will discover a number of varied social network formats that have and could impact your online company’s advertising and possible earnings.

Whether or not you want to be a part of one of the social network platforms, you need to decide which one and how you will approach it.  All platforms are not the same.

Be aware that if the driving force to participate on these platforms is for business only, you do not want to simply post a link to your website.  When marketing your business, you could be thinking I have found an easy way to advertise that is accepted by the platform.  However, several of the users you may be reaching on that platform are looking at your post and your company link if included as spam.  If labeled as spam on the platform you could be blocked, disliked, have a bad review or comment written or be black listed by users.  All users online have a low acceptance threshold for anything considered spam, these labels impact you, your business, your social network credibility and these labels require a great deal of time to clear, clean and reverse the damage caused.  In addition, you have lost your audience and the ability to influence because you were seen as someone filling a post without making a significant contribution to their environment.

Here are a few of the social networks that are available and if you are looking for outlets for your business.

  1. If you love making videos, then YouTube and other video sharing websites are for you. You basically have a free ticket to creativity as you show off your business.  The video could be lighthearted or serious, informational or how your video topic could benefit the viewer.  You want to create a video that peaks the viewer curiosity to want to find out about your business or even about you.  If you are unfamiliar with YouTube, go to the website, enter a topic or person in search and be prepared to be amazed and/or possibly shocked.
  1. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, foresquare, and other social networking platforms. These outlets bring people you know or don’t know together and give you access to this audience that is using the platform as their version of reality television.
  1. Blogs are written articles or posts capturing a reader’s interest in a subject or specific topic and can be on a personal or business website and is able to allow comments and exchanges between the blog writer and the readers.
  1. Topic or website forums are places where, as the reader, you are permitted to present, discuss and/or respond to different subjects of interest whether in your field, niche or expertise. This outlet, along with blogging, is a social platform where you are able to give to the readers a URL link back to you or your company website.  If you are considered by your readers, as knowledgeable and can be relied on credible source, you might discover you have developed a following back to your website of the readers to that forum wishing to learn more from you.
  1. Podcasting and Periscope are two outlets that are able to affect you greatly in your advertising and marketing. Contrary to creating a video to be seen and heard, these two outlets are live audio streams that enable a visitor to hear and see individual messages from you in real time.  Whether sitting in the front seat of your car, where a lot take place, to a chair in your office, you might find them to be fun.  Think of them as an audio and visual tweet.

You now have a start of social networks to think about as you plan other outlets for possible advertising venues.  Where else can you have a marketing message that you create and had a good time doing be shared with and reach so many people at one time?  Today, probably none.  But tomorrow, as technology changes, anything is possible.

Remember to be real, be honest and read the social network platform requirements of what you can and cannot do.  The latter will keep you and your company out of hot water online.


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