Mar 15 2016

Suggestions for Social Media Content Success

With content marketing combining forces with social media, what should you know before you post your content on one of the social media networks?

Here are a few suggestions for social media content success:

There are special social media guidelines for content marketers.

First, and foremost, a content marketer needs to be a good, honest, social citizen.  When a content marketer asks for help in an advertising or marketing campaign in social media, the content marketer must be prepared to give something of value in exchange (entertainment, information or help with a problem).   Much like content marketing, you have to establish yourself as credible and trustworthy.

As a content marketer, you cannot just walk onto a network and demand assistance.


You should prioritize your content marketing ahead of social media.

Your content should contain this principle-you will provide value and benefits for the reader when you answer, resolve or suggest a solution to a question, issue or problem posed by that reader from your targeted audience.

Content needs to address your targeted audience reader.  Social media networks have the ability to provide a business with assessment assistance to pinpoint a targeted audience and their needs.

However, prioritizing either of these characteristics before you have developed a business, advertising and marketing plan is fruitless.


Include social media content in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Although, socialization is the thrust of the networks, you or your business are not on a social media network to be personally rated most likely to (fill in the blank).

To have any social media interaction, you need to start with the purpose of your business and your content must be of value and a positive contribution to the internet experience.

Social media interactions based on a business that asks their targeted audience for assistance, to share ideas or information, is called user generated content (UGC).  This audience then feels valued, special and connected personally with your business.

By being the honest, social citizen, you are able to show your targeted audience the value and respect you have for their opinions, resulting in your audience taking a larger part in your marketing campaigns and your business will benefit from your audience giving you relevant and positive comments on content.


Address the positive and negative aspects of social media and selling.

The positive:  Participation

  • Social media is a resource with untapped potential to increase the targeted audience of a business.
  • Social Media provides a stage for audiences to discuss and share ideas and solve challenges or issues they have.
  • Social Media provides a business with a platform to communicate with and provide information to their audience.
  • Social Media is a platform for real conversations between targeted audience members or with the business.
  • Social Media allows you to associate with groups, issues and/or companies who are interested in your targeted niche.
  • Social Media networks create their own audiences by using hashtags to identify like-minded interests.

The negative:  Dictating and Tyrannical

  • Social Media has content marketers who are dishonest.  These marketers do not use value-based content, they spam, scam, lie and defraud audiences.
  • Social Media is not the platform for hard marketing sales and pitches.
  • Social Media networks each have their own set of rules for what can and cannot be posted or published on their platforms.


Know the reasons to remain on an existing or to add new social media networks.

  • Has your current social media network fulfilled what you intended to accomplish?
  • Have you built and created a strong foundation on your current social media network?
  • How does a new network relate to the goals of your advertising or marketing plans?
  • Will your target audience be on this new network?
  • Beware of alterations to our business, advertising or marketing plans.
  • When unsure, create a personal or business account prior to fully committing to a new network.
  • If any network does not fulfill your expectations, discontinue support and focus on what network is working.
  • Do not be drawn in by shiny, new objects.


Know how to read the analytics of your social media participation.

With any aspect of your website, you have to know your ROI (return on investment) to be able to adjust any segment of your business, advertising or marketing plans.

  • A website that displays a large number of shares, tweets, likes, compliments and comments can appear to be highly successful, but is it profitable?
  • If none of these social media assessment points results in a sale, what have you gained?
  • Is there value when social media requires the development of your audience relationships that are long term instead of value from short-term direct sales responses?

Defined here are two trackable key performance indicators that are dependent on your specified advertising and marketing goals:

  • Nurturing, long-term customer relationships that listens, engages and responds on a personal and physical level.
  • Sales, short-term customer contacts, specific goal driven, examples; lead or demand generation, online responses resulting in sending customers through gates or into funnels.

There are several different reporting tools and questions you can ask to get to your ROI, which is your true north in business.

With these suggestions, you should be able to meld your content and social media into a combination for success.


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