May 09 2016

The Basic Benefits of Video Marketing

The Basic Benefits of Video Marketing


What can video marketing do for a business, whether it is an online conglomerate to a mom and pop store, when the possibilities are endless?  When you are able to look and talk directly to your customers and clients it is priceless especially when you are presenting yourself as a valuable and honest business.

The following article will introduce you to The Basic Benefits of Video Marketing. 

  • Consider what others are wanting when they are searching for videos.  Most people want something that is entertaining, as well as informational.  When you are explaining how to do something, give information that others may not know, add a benefit, and use voice inflections as you are talking.
  • Be confident during your video.  Your customers are going to see you as an ambassador for the product and you should be showing your full confidence in its value and capabilities.  Practice your presentation a few times to ensure you build interest for your potential customers and they have the right experience with you.
  • Prior to posting your marketing video, select your title carefully.  More often than not, viewers will be interested in your video when the title makes sense, attracts and holds their attention.  Take time to make creative and relevant titles.
  • Editing is essential to creating a quality video.  While filming your video, you can stop as often as needed to do multiple takes or cut what was incorrect.  Upload your video files onto your computer.  Invest in a good editing software to put together your segments as you delete unnecessary scenes.  Consider adding some music or captions.
  • Each video should be a stand-alone product based on its content and promoted as such.  After you upload the video, promote it on any of the social media networks and on your website, blogs, newsletters, etc.  Letting people know that the video exists will give an extra boost during the time it will take for your video to rank organically in the search engines.
  • Upload your video content onto YouTube and link it back to your business’s website.  This helps your video’s views by a wider audience, to be potentially shared with friends and moved to the front page.  The exposure that YouTube provides is huge due partly to Google’s ownership.
  • Stay on-topic and focused when you are making your videos.  Making an outline for each video and then sticking to it will help you from straying off course, especially when you are not prepared properly.  When you do not deviate from your plan, your video will be of a much higher quality.
  • When your customers ask the same thing repeatedly, create a video to answer them.  This will allow them to solve their problems quickly without emailing or calling your company; saving you time and money in customer support and builds a rapport with your customers, both current and potential.

I hope that this article, The Basic Benefits of Video Marketing, has given you plenty of inspiration to start your own marketing with videos campaign.  The video method of advertising is already in full swing, is all over the Internet and there is no reason that you should not be using it too!

It does not matter if your business is small or large, video marketing can do wonders for your business.


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