Apr 23 2016

Tips Leading People To Your Blog

Tips Leading People To Your Blog

Today, there are numerous questions asked regarding blogging and all that this business trend has to offer.  If blogging is something that would interest you and you would like to start a website blog then you will not have to look any further.  This article, Tips Leading People To Your Blog, are given to help you build and maintain a successful blog.

  1. Install and use of a customized theme like WordPress. Today, readers can recognize generic in nature themes.  When you are using this type of theme, you will be fine as long as you remember to change your header design so that your blog website is unique.
  1. When you are writing, you want to sure your posted articles do not elicit the article is too long so I did not read it reader responses. Studies show that people stop paying attention more quickly when the read on the web than when they are reading printed matter.  For this reason, try to keep your articles under 500 words or so.  Know your target audience as some types of posted articles, like academic papers, do not suffer and have this loss of attention of much as others.
  1. Avoid the overuse of personal pronouns. When you write your blog and it comes from a standpoint of me or I, it can turn the reader off.  The reader may perceive you to be pompous, lecturing or narcissistic.  Find your writing balance as being a little less personal as you while still remain approachable.
  1. Include pictures, images, music or videos to your blog. Stimulating the reader’s senses will create a fuller experience and increase the pleasure of your visitors.  Select pictures and sounds that are relevant to the theme of your blog and the content of the articles.  Prior to your selections, be sure that you are not in violation of any article or picture copyright laws.
  1. Posting schedule – Ensure the amount of time in between each of your blog postings are similar in length. This lets your readers know when you will be posting your next article.  On the other hand, when you post two blog entries two days apart and then do not post another article for a week or more, people will get out of the habit of taking the time to read your blog.
  1. Commenting on other blog posts will increase reader’s interest in yours. Make a comment on any websites in blogging communities like Blogspot, on programs like Google Reader or on Twitter or Facebook.  Make comments anytime you would like to say something.
  1. Guest writing a blog article can be your website’s best friend as it will lead readers back to your own blog. Find a good, relevant blog with an owner that will accept an article from you and post it on their website.  If they will accept one, then take the time and write an article that will stand apart other guest postings.  Use this article to give these readers a taste of what they can find by leading people over to your blog.

It will not matter the type of blog you want to create for yourself or your business.  These tips are to provide you with several ideas to maintain a successful blog.

Apply what you have learned from tips leading people to your blog to the best of your ability and before you know it, your blog should have many people following it.

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