Nov 30 2015

Top 5 Why Traffic is Not the Only Way


Top 5 Why Traffic is Not the Only Way

 – Driving Traffic is NOT the ONLY Way of Increasing Income from Online Business and here are the Top 5 Reasons Why.  When you think of increasing your online business’ revenue, you think of increasing your ad budget. Any increase in advertising means your goal is to drive more traffic. But driving traffic is not the only way for increasing your sales revenues. Here are 5 reasons why the traffic-route is not the only way to increase your income.

1. Improve your Conversion Rate

Improving your conversion rate helps in increasing your online business’ income without affecting your web traffic. Conversion rate refers to your business’ core goal. It could be generating sales, sign-ups or some downloads. Surveys show that it is easier for businesses to increase your conversion rate rather than traffic. It will pay you better to improve your conversion rate rather than running campaigns to achieve the top ranking on Google or Bing SERPs.

2. Make your Site More Compelling

A more compelling site is also beneficial in improving your revenue. Make the right changes to your site so that it draws your visitors’ attention to the right place. A website which is not appealing may not be as effective in selling your products or services. Modify your webpages in a way that they help increase your conversion rate.

3. Improve your Website’s Content

Do you know that your site’s copy matters a lot? When written the right way and in the right format, it can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. There is a good reason why high quality copywriters charge a lot for creating effective sales pages. When you know how to improve your conversion rate, you will be able to generate far higher revenue than by generating more traffic.

4. Make Changes to your Pricing

Making changes to product/service prices is another effective strategy for increasing your revenue without increasing your traffic. Many potential customers are ready to pay a little extra as long as they are getting high quality products or services. You may never know how effectively your conversion rates can increase by even a small change in the prices.

The same number of visitors can help generate higher income if you make just a small change to the prices. You will be able to increase the revenues from the same number of visitors. But make sure that the price increase is nominal and does not send away your potential customers.

5. Offer More Benefits

Every potential buyer wants to know where they will get more benefits. If you can deliver more value and extra benefits to your potential customers, you will be able to increase your revenues further. This can also be easier and more cost-effective than increasing your traffic.

So the key to increase an online business’ income doesn’t just lie in increasing traffic. Revenues can also be increased by making other changes. You can make the most of your available assets by improving them. Some changes on your website may be all that is required. And it does not have to cost you anything.

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