Mar 21 2016

Trending Now Podcasting Tips and Tools

Have you heard the words Podcast or Podcasting before?  Do you know what they are and what they do?  Data shows more people do not know about podcasts but those who do listen often and are a good cross section of economic backgrounds with genders equally represented.

So, with this good foundation, why has it not caught on?  Podcasting appears to have a viable audience for the 3% of marketers who have said they use it and it is gaining as a medium to be trusted. They play to their regular listeners who have higher education levels, household incomes and have a daily commute of at least 30 minutes a day.  This appears to be the niche to address.

See if these tips and tools can convince you to try podcasting.

  • Commitment for the time, the work needed and a continuous content source are required to succeed.
  • Consistency in your scheduling and delivery of your podcast episodes on a regular basis to this niche audience that expects you to be there. Speak to a one-person audience and success will come because you made them feel special.
  • Perfection is not expected, although honesty is. Delivering your content confidently and listeners will relate better.  Video your podcasts at the same time to critique and improve future podcasts.
  • Numbers do not tell the true story immediately when it involves podcasting. As with building your niche audience on a website, podcasting probably takes longer.  The statistics to watch are the trend lines with the number of downloads and the number of plays that occur in a 90-day segment.   We said this would be a commitment.


As you look at what is required of you in making a commitment, to be consistent without being perfect to the audience numbers you may not see for a while, that as with written content, you are to provide value to your audience.  That value, in turn, builds the trust of your audience that you are going to be there because they are changing their schedules to meet the timing of your podcasts.

Ask yourself these questions about your content topics.

  • Are you passionate about them?
  • Can you talk all day about any one of them?
  • Are you currently blogging about what you want to podcast on?
  • Have you listened to various podcasts and taken notes of what they do?

Now, probably the most important:

  • If you have a 20-30 minute podcast episode, do you have enough content to talk on for more than 25 episodes? This is why:  if you start podcasting, you have a 50% chance of getting past episode seven.  Of those 50% remaining, half will quit at episode 23.  Now, in real number, for every 100 who start, only 25 have good odds of making it two years.  These statistics make you appreciate those who have done podcasts or news talk radio for multiple years.


If you can considered all of these tips and are able to answer yes, then now is the time for you to start.

What you need to have or do when starting:

  • Always have a plan.
  • SEO at every opportunity.
  • Use an established SEO’d website, add a page or create a website specifically for your podcast.
  • Publishing your podcast notes helps search engines find your podcast or an episode.
  • Publish transcriptions of your podcasts using the tools: Dragon and Speechpad.
  • Create and publish a content article inserting an audio of your podcast.
  • Create a podcast Facebook page, posting episodes and a synopsis with keywords.
  • Create a podcast business page on LinkedIn for promoting upcoming episodes.
  • Create a podcast Twitter feed; add a photo to improve participation of Twitter users. Retweet episodes.
  • Request guests advertise on their websites or networks of their scheduled appearances.
  • Use directories and list your podcast: SoundCloud, Stitcher, Libsyn and iTunes are a good start and find others.


Good luck with your podcasts.

Please share with others if you found this worthwhile.

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