Sep 27 2016

Twitter May Be Used For Pretty Much Anything

It’s possible for you to launch a political campaign, start a non-profit hashtag movement, spy on your competitor, track your long lost buddy… it’s a world of opportunities on an individual platform that is wide open.

It’s no surprise that individuals have already been turning for professional uses over the years. Prospecting is one that’s been a little contentious, with some claiming it’s cluttered and too quick to construct long-lasting business relationships.

I differ; knowing the best way to use it Twitter is a great tool either on a B2B or B2C basis. Here are a few suggestions to assist you to do so.

twitter for business
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Discover What Hashtags Are Most Important

The tricky part is finding which ones to observe, because while some are obvious, others aren’t so much.

Advertising Twitter graphs

There’s this wonderful list by Marketer Gizmo that has every single advertising based hashtag you could desire, which is a fantastic place to begin. Here are additional advertising Twitter graphs that will link one to relevant prospects. You will need to get more creative, by then, hunt out targets and seeing what they are inclined to use branching from there. But that list will give you some sound leads.

Start Monitoring Those Hashtags

It’s time to start monitoring them once you understand what hashtags to use. A social media dashboard is crucial for this, so you can get alerts or see all references in a single area. I have used several in the past, including Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, and both are fairly good.


Have Priceless Dialogues

There is nothing I hate more than someone who approaches me as a prospect and it’s super apparent that the only thing they’re looking to do is sell to me. It makes them appear like a spam bot, and I am not going to squander my time on a programmed ad.

You are going to find that most folks feel this way. The only tried and true approach to breaking through to some prospect on social media would be to engage them in a way that is genuine. Give them a reason to take notice, you have to add something to the conversation and socialize.

Twitter is among the best platforms for this, because it really is open and folks are anticipating to participate. Just make sure you are giving them something to engage with.

Bio Is Shifted is a fantastic free tool that can enable you to participate with folks you follow in a meaningful way. It is going to e-mail you each time your Twitter connections shift their bios, in order to reach out to congratulate on their life changes.

Make an RSS Feed

Do you use an RSS reader, like Feedly? It’s possible for you to create customized web feeds that references, see for different keywords and hashtags right there in your reader. It really is there, waiting for me and helping me plan my day-to-day prospecting strategy.

Social Media Examiner has a fantastic breakdown of the way to do it. Definitely check it out for a comprehensive explanation.
Begin Scoping Out Rival Follows

Obviously your opponents are looking for possibilities just like you are, and are probably having their own success. Since you work within the same business, you are both going after the exact same type of targets.

Start A Successfull Blog 

You may even narrow down a brand new pool to fish from.
Keep A Watch On Events With Expo Florings

Live occasions are obviously an excellent way to find prospects, particularly conventions intended to join industry participants with one another on a professional level. If you desire to locate those events, Twitter is an excellent spot to keep an eye out.

Statements are common, and hashtags can be found by you to popular occasions using a database like Twubs.
Track For Guidance Or Recommendation Requests

Frequently people will just straight up ask for recommendations on businesses, products or services. It is possible to observe for those using your social media dashboard, so when they do you might be alerted. Simply have it watch for mixes of things like “advocate [Subject]” or “Anyone understand [Topic]”.

The day it’s possible for you to swoop in and save.
Concentrate On Building a Committed Community

They don’t spend enough time community building, although everyone on social media wants followers.  That’s a HUGE mistake, especially for anyone who’s expecting to locate prospects.

A dedicated and active community ensures you’ll never be going in cold and gives you an intro to these targets.
Never Underestimate The Power Of Influencers

Influencers are everything on Twitter. Some celebs have created professions more than anything else. So you should never underestimate the power they hold, particularly when prospecting.

Just imagine having an influencer with 100k followers on your side, encouraging your brand or you. Then imagine going to your own targets and being able to say, “ Me and BIG SHOT INFLUENCER INDIVIDUAL actually discuss it here [link].”

Even better, why not work to become an influencer yourself?
Twitter: It Ain’t Only For Meeting Your Friends.

You are given more access than Facebook by the open nature of the platform, and it’s also more populated than LinkedIn or Google Plus.

Have any tips you think should be added to the list?  Feel free to comment


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