Feb 09 2016

Understanding What Individuals Say They Need

Understanding What Individuals Say They Need

Are you in business and consider yourself experienced as a writer because you have written the articles yourself and published them on you own website or attached blog pages? If so, wonderful.

However, is anyone reading what you have written?  Do you understand what individuals who are searching on the web need?  Do you know if your articles are read?  Do you have a countable readership?  Are your articles specific and directed to a specific segment of readers?  Have you established yourself as an authority in your field or niche?  If any of these answers are no, that’s not a good sign.  Worse yet is, asking what’s a niche?

Let’s start with the writing first.  Writing for the sake of writing is a great exercise, however, if you want a business, it would be a good idea to realize that you can’t compose and write and an answer to Mr. XYZ’s concerns, issues, problems, discomforts or pains without a clue of what they are.  And most assuredly, you can’t offer Mr. XYZ your product if your offer doesn’t apply or isn’t part of your answer and solves the initial range of complexities he had.

Online, your business is your field of interest and expertise and is your niche.  A niche can be taken down to specialties that will make you the big fish in a small pond when it come to your writing content/articles.  You want to decide on an area or niche you may know something about which is beneficial and gives you a head start in your learning curve.   First, you don’t compose and write about automobile care and maintenance if you are selling sporting goods.

When and if you know what your readers are looking for because you prepared a list of the questions that were being asked online within that field or niche, in forums, on social media platforms, in chat rooms.  You then prepare another list of how you can be an answer to those questions, you are ready to write an article on this specific niche and are able to be successful with your writing and with offers you may have.  But, as you will see, niches, readers and writing are a circle but we need to get back to the base.

Your base is your concept of your ideal and you need to take some time and refocus on your business.  Why are you in business?  What are you trying to accomplish?  Begin again and research the field you are in, if you want to change fields/niches or just start new, find fields or niches that people are talking about, fields or niches that have a few years on them and not a fad that have been prospering over a few years and concentrate on it.

Here are a few places to help you discover a popular field or niche if you are refocusing or starting new?

Printed or Online Publications

Consider that specific niches that are popular constantly have a large publication following.  The publishers understand that with this popular also comes consistent growth as new readers are added.

Three top niches continue to grow consistently, that is personal relationship, fitness and health and finances and wealth. You may find specialized classifications/fields or niches that will do well, however, as with any venture, do you research to see if any interest you, make sense mentally and financially and have an actual readership.

Specific fields or niches have online forums, social media platforms, chat rooms in addition to providing content ideas.

When you have been online, have you seen that specific and popular fields or niches have a large number of online forums, tie to social media platforms and could also have chat rooms?  With this information you are able to utilize to your advantage not just the opportunity to gather concepts or ideas for writing you articles, you can have future chances to advertise or market to these same individuals.   Visit pertinent online forums and search for the typical concerns these individuals have voiced, the questions they have asked and see if you are able to utilize any of them within your article writings to provide a solution and/or provide a product or service offer that helps that reader.

Amazon isn’t just books anymore.

When online, you are able to take advantage of Amazon’s Best Sellers filter to search for and discover what’s new, what’s hot and what’s trending today and then to take that knowledge to develop a lucrative field or niche business.  Their best sellers list is able to give you an understanding and the knowledge of what individual habits are with what they are buying.

For content ideas, another great place to gather them is on the table of contents or an index of the best sellers.

We have combined, how to give, gather or acquire intelligent content to write from various sources that were related to how to find, identify and select a field or niche.

Hopefully, you were not lost in the process.

Within all information given, best wishes are included for success in creating your niche or field of dreams to understanding what individuals say they need to become the authority within your boundaries that will give you prosperity and peace in your endeavors.


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