Jan 08 2016

Ways to Make Users Read Your Web Pages

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Ways to Make Users Read Your Web Pages

Statistics are showing that three quarters of possible clients do an online search first and when the results are received, only then do they go looking for the specific item they originally searched for.  It has taken until now for online marketers to finally comprehend the power of their written text on their web pages.

So what ways do you have in place to get your users to read your web page over another?   There are a few seasoned copywriters who have an inkling about what they have to do to draw in clients to their websites. Unfortunately, the reality for the majority of writers is that there is no definite system, only concepts and theories.

A website might have been designed well, the material literately correct and the amount of users still remains very, very low.

These pointers are directed towards online marketers who want to increase their website’s readers.

  1. Most internet users do not search for numerous pages of information online. They want to find short and concise summaries of exactly what they searched for.
  2. Content writers need to understand that users will change to another website in lieu of scrolling down a page that is endless, there is too much material to read or a page that takes too long to load.
  3. Since it is more difficult to evaluate your own writing, have an associate or a friend review your website’s pages with a critical eye. Make notes of what verbiage can be removed without impacting and/or damaging your story line or content.   The primary goal is to make your content more attractive and simpler to read.
  4. Remember reference works? Now apply that memory to your web pages and design your verbiage using multiple paragraphs and different headlines for each.
  5. Utilize white area.
  6. Use smaller paragraphs.
  7. Compose your content as interesting and helpful, as well as commercially profitable.
  8. Decide on a title that is a mirror image of the first paragraph. This will aid in your user’s search results and increase your search rankings.
  9. Your ‘hook’ or the reason for writing the article should be apparent and not hidden within the text.
  10. The overall goal is for your website to stand out and not your articles.
  11. Be sure that your website is user friendly.
  12. For a user’s ease to locate, sub-divide and organize your information onto separate web pages.
  13. But think about that it takes more time to download and print out details arranged like this.
  14. Use graphics and text to illustrate your website’s benefits and functions
  15. Do research on a user’s online searching or browsing patterns and preferences.
  16. Test different writing and marketing methods on your web pages to attract users
  17. Use Analytics to track your test page activity.

By following these pointers and seeking to be a leader with your content creation, you may find that you are able to offer suggestions that will transform your business online.

To Your Success – Be bold, be brave, be brief!

There has been a lot to absorb and if this information has been a little too much and you would like assistance at any point in these ways to make users read your web pages, contact us here.

And as you compose articles for your company, remember those that assisted you along the way.

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