Mar 07 2016

Window Shoppers-Changing Gazers to Buyers

Window Shoppers-Changing Gazers to Buyers

Window shopping a physical storefront is a great activity to save money by not spending as buyers.  You gaze to your hearts content and it doesn’t cost you a cent.  You also never stepped foot inside of the door.  This routine is good for you as the one saving money but for the window’s owner, it is bad.  The owner needs you to spend your money so they can stay in business.

Now, when it comes to window shopping online, it is actually easier.  You may or may not have stepped outside your home to complete this activity.  The primary result of any type of window shopping is that no one is purchasing anything they have been gazing at.

And herein lies the problem.  How do you, as the owner of a physical location, get these people to step inside the store and purchase one of your products?  As an online business, how do you get these people to remain on your website and click to purchase?

The solution sounds easy enough, you have to find out why everyone is just looking and no one is buying.

  • Is it because they aren’t interested?
  • Are they just studying and doing informal price comparisons?
  • Are they just really looking because they don’t know what they want and nothing has caught their attention to linger?
  • Are they really just looking because they aren’t a part of your target clientele? Like looking for dining room furniture in the sporting good section.
  • Are they there by mistake?
  • Are they not able to locate what they want? For example, they want a GPS and you have it in a category labeled as compasses.

Looking at your website, see if you can improve a visitor’s online experience to increase your sales numbers.

  • Know your niche, who your visitors should be, what they are looking for and target them with your marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • If your targeted clientele doesn’t buy from you, then you need to find out the reasons why.
  • By increasing your targeted clientele, your probabilities of selling more increases.
  • The more refined your target clientele is the more they will use your website as the solution to their need.  If you are just selling dining room furniture, take a number, because there at several thousands of websites to choose from.  However, when your marketed niche is fine-tuned and a specialty, the targeted clientele could find your website quicker when you are among a smaller selection.

The targeted clientele that does visit your website needs to be able to find what they are looking for easily.

  • Ensure this happens by describing your product and/or service items in detail: sizes, measurements, colors, guarantees, pricing, if substitutions are accepted, etc.
  • Be sure all of your links are working and not producing an error code.
  • Have your search bar make recommendations if a product is out of stock or discontinued, a service is unavailable and if the product is called or known as another name.
  • State the terms of the out of stock and unavailable – is it for a short time, until a new shipment arrives or indefinitely.
  • Provide a contact name with a direct number for questions. Better to invest in satisfying the clientele with customer service and keep them, than lose your clientele to apathy or an attitude that buyers are a dime a dozen.

Be sure your website is easy to understand and navigate.

  • Your headlines, content verbiage, buy buttons and links are user friendly and lead your clientele to purchase.
  • Worst case scenario would be your clientele wanting to buy online and not knowing what to do or how to get there.

Find other like niche websites you know are successful.

  • Critique what you see and what you like about their website pages.
  • Then clone the concepts and you may possibly capture a little bit of their targeted audience with your new and improved website.

By doing something now with your website, you can generate the positive revenue stream you need to remain in business.


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