Oct 23 2015

3 Reasons Copy You Hate Brings Revenue To Love

3 Reasons Copy You Hate Brings Revenue To Love

– Every copywriter’s nightmare. We write stunning copy for a client, who takes one look at it and states, “You can’t be serious! This is too salesy … or too simple … or too different …”

And I’m reminded of the days, several years earlier, when I volunteered as an Animal Adoption Counselor with the San Francisco SPCA. Looking back, I need to have been training for what I do now. I had lots of interest. People frequently teased, “You’re selling felines!” Sure enough, many visitors left with a crate holding a fuzzy bundle of delight.

Our Volunteer Coordinator kept advising us, “Do not evaluate the visitors. You’re not going home with this person. The adopter who drives you insane might be the very best thing that ever took a dog home.”

True and copy works the same method. We do not judge our friends the way their canines and felines do. And we don’t read our copy like our own clients.

I tell my own clients, “You may not like this copy. But you’re not the target audience, even if you think you resemble your customers.”

Here are 3 reasons –

1. Customers live on a different planet.

If you hang around the Web, you establish an unique way of life. For example, some of my buddies are individuals I’ve never ever met. We exchange emails and call for many years. My preferred web designer is an American living in Brazil.

In writing copy, you hear the very same promises over and over. “Bring traffic to your site.” “Draw in all the clients you can handle.”  Or do you say “Hype-free marketing” or similar to that, as an entirely new way of taking a look at marketing?

Your world might not be the Internet and maybe you live physical fitness, training, cooking, or finance. Just remember the possibilities in writing your copy are your familiar expressions could certainly appear fresh and interesting to your target audience.

2. Clients want to be offered.

They know you’re not installing sites and creating pamphlets so you’ll feel good and gather gold stars for your long-term goals.

If they desire your service, they’re looking for a need to say “yes.” Consider all those Madison Avenue opportunity advertisements with the style, “You deserve it” or, “You’re worth it.” They’re giving us approval to invest our money.

As long as you’re classy and meeting their real requirements, your customers will really value discovering exactly what you provide.

Just recently I was pitching my services to “Frank,” a prospective client who offers physical fitness services. Hesitantly, I referred him to a site I ‘d written for “Tom”– a financial specialist who was horrified that our offering method was too hard for him.

Frank was amazed. “This isn’t the least bit pushy. It’s so warm and friendly! Tom seems like such a good guy.”

We’re still talking and when Frank sees his own fitness site, I’ll wager he doesn’t say, “Um– do you believe we’re offering too tough?”

3. Clients don’t want to stop and believe.

Some words and phrases slow us down. For some fine examples, pick up your college textbooks and perhaps a number of scholastic journals. You’ll see words like “Furthermore,” “Counterintuitive,” “Although,” and more.   How did you read your college books? I’ll wager you checked out slowly, made marginal notes and hung on tight to your yellow highlighter pen.

Unfortunately, site visitors don’t study our copy the very same way. We have to help them produce highlights and move along fast.

Which gets read more:

(a) “Although you can work very hard, you might not see outcomes for a long period of time.”

(b) “However, you can work actually hard and not wait forever for outcomes.”

The Profits:

Anticipate surprises when you unveil your copy to your clients, specifically if you’re brand-new to marketing yourself and your very own items.