Feb 18 2016

3 Secret Benefits Marketing Content

3 Secret Benefits Marketing Content

You have developed your website or blog and have gotten to the planning stage of what you will write about and determining how it will be distributed and not knowing 3 Secret Benefits Marketing Content have continued to remain to many writers, just that, secret.

Prior to this or at any time where you told to explain to yourself or others what was the purpose of you writing content and why were you even doing it?  Tough questions, if the answers haven’t materialized before your eyes until now.

When you know these 3 secrets benefits and are able to comprehend the value in developing and composing your own content, the simpler it will be for you to formulate a plan for marketing your content on your website or blog.  These 3 secrets benefits become even more important when the website or blog belongs to your company or business.

What better feeling can you have than to provide a reader with informative content that rewards you as the writer and results in your company effectively producing revenue profits from your content?

So what are the 3 Secret Benefits Marketing Content?

  1. In an online, successful business, you are your list and maintenance is required.

After you compose and write your content, distributing your content can be done a couple of ways; regularly publishing on your website or emailing a link or the pdf of your article to your list of visitors, readers, customers or clients that have requested your articles be emailed personally to them in lieu of their going on your website every day.

As your visitors, readers, customers or clients choose to opt-in for you to email them, the infusion of new people provides you with a healthy stream of contacts and your list becomes valuable asset to your company.

By continuing to sustain your healthy email list will result in the percentages of your emails being opened and your click-thru or CTA responses remaining high.

Keep in mind and for the most part, anyone who has opted-in and agreed to receive an email from you did so to receive value that justifies their decision to join and not be continual bombarded with sales pitches.  No value equals opt-out or unsubscribe.

To compose and deliver content that is deemed valuable by your email list, will keep them coming back to you.

Your content can be academic, inspiring, motivate or educate.  When your list receives your content regularly, the content not only gives value to the readers, your content helps develop you as an authority,

  1. When marketing your content, your content is able to convert your offers to sales.

When you are the author of your content and the developer, designer, compiler or packager of your offer, seeing a link that these two aspects, content and offer, can be combined to provide your audience with full service to purchase, why would you not design your plan for marketing your content and your offer and pursue this as an encompassing marketing strategy?

As you write your content you ought to deal with an issue or a discomfort that your readers have and the answer to resolving their discomfort needs to be your offer.  This writing style must be on point, continually keeping your reader’s discomforts or issues and your answers need to be your offers.

When you comprehend the mechanics and methods to use in your content writing that will bring your readers to your answers and offers, you will have succeeded where others have failed

  1. Using your content legally to shadow your visitors.

Let’s start first with this could sound like big brother and in some way it might be.  And to avoid this, do not own, a phone, computer, smart appliance, home, car, business or anything that leaves what was called a paper trail.

In today’s technology, a lot of companies use cookies to basically shadow their visitors as they go about their online business.

For the sake of explanation and applying this to you, this technique was accomplished because you visited Website A and Website A gave you a cookie or mini GPS relaying where you went after you left Website A.  Your visiting patterns or searching preferences are then converted into advertising and Website A now has the ability to market back to you on your preferences and visiting patterns.

This method of advertising is called retargeting.  You, as the visitor, were missed when Website A presented their offer to you the first time you went to their website and now they, Website A, has a chance to pitch their offer to you again.

When content and retargeting is combined, the combination is extremely effective since content is what is distributed and shared online.

When your content has a lot of readers, this does not always lead to a lot of sales.  However, if you include the methods of retargeting your visitors, your content has the ability to provide sales to those retargeted individuals that did not buy the first time they saw your content.

Take Aways of Content.

Content to your readers has to

  • Serve a purpose
  • Define their problem, issue or discomfort
  • Give an offer that answers their problem, issue or discomfort
  • Bring and persuade your offer is what they need

Using 3 Secret Benefits Marketing Content allows you to stay in business.


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