Dec 19 2015

3 Tips Making a Profitable Online Business

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3 Tips Making a Profitable Online Business

Dear Friend!

If you have dreams of building an Internet Marketing empire that generates enough cash for you to quit your job, that requires only a few hours of work per day and will allow you to live your dream lifestyle, this letter and these 3 tips making a profitable online business could be the turning point in your business, your finances and your life.

I’m not sure what you think or know about running a profitable online business, but the truth is you only need to do 3 things to make it work:

1. To generate traffic to your websites.

I am sure this isn’t a new idea to you, however, the first step in making any money online is getting people to visit your site.  The important points that are often missed about traffic or your visitors is that you need to do it consistently and you need to do it a way that you know will cost you less than you earn from it.  All of the traffic or visitors in the world would be great but if you go broke trying to get them to your site, you won’t have much of an empire.

2. To capture targeted prospects-visitors-traffic on an email subscriber list.

The fact is, the most valuable asset you will ever own in your online marketing business will be your list of subscribers. Why you ask? Because those visitors-traffic are targeted.  These visitors-traffic believe that you can offer them some value and they will buy on your recommendation again and again.  These two beliefs are the #1 source of profits for the “big name” professionals you see everywhere online.  Building your list of subscribers allows you to repeatedly market to your growing number of potential buyers.

3. Convert your list into a continuous, predictable, and growing income stream.  

You have the visitors or traffic coming to your site, you are capturing them as subscribers and you are building a list.  The last vital step in really making money is to systematically develop your relationship with your subscribers, building their trust in you and offering products and/or services that they really need and can benefit from using.

It takes time to learn the right way of doing this and the bond of trust is hard to build and develop and oh so easy to destroy.  One it is gone you have lost any possible income potential from those prospects.  However, with training, mentoring and dedication from you to do it right, your faithful subscribers will generate enough of an income for you to live any type of life you want with complete freedom.

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Remember those around you that have helped you along the way.