Mar 17 2016

5 Easy Ways Pinterest Raises Brand Awareness

You say you have you heard of Pinterest.  Did you know since 2014 Pinterest’s membership has increased by 57% with Facebook only having a 6% membership growth for this same time period?  Although this statistic could be considered staggering, Pinterest is still well behind Facebook in total membership.

However, for a virtually untapped resource for online marketers, the predictions are showing continued, steady growth, which brings us to how Pinterest may be able to assist you in raising awareness of your brand online.

Of those asked, 2016 data shows that marketers using Pinterest for business to customer-61%; exceeds both the business-to-business-25% and nonprofits-36%.  To finding Pinterest effective, marketers responded B2C-39%, B2B-20% and nonprofits-22%.  However, the effectiveness percentages do not reflect that 10% of product sales referred by Pinterest are more likely to buy.

Now, when 25% of companies on the Fortune 100 list have accounts with Pinterest, they must think that when promoting their business, Pinterest is the place to be!


Look at the ways for your business to raise your brand awareness with Pinterest and accomplish the positive results.

  1. Tips in creating a Pinterest Business Account and a Board.
  • Your business name should be easy to spell and self-explanatory.
  • Your username should be 3-15 characters.
  • Reserve time for site verification.
  • Include other social media network links for visibility and ease of crossover.
  • Add a description of your business with keywords, maximum of 200 characters and will be seen on your home page.


  1. Include on your content a Pin It Button.

With the ability to search for a pin for server months after posting, this action will increase the crossover from your Pinterest account to your website and it will also let your readers connect and share your content on Pinterest.


  1. Urge and support UGC, user generated content.

Can you think of a better way to interact with your readers than to have them post comments telling others how they used your product and/or service?  If not, the following data should help support a positive decision:  UCG submissions are more trustworthy by 50% and more memorable by 35%.  In marketing, are these not a part of what brand awareness is – being trusted and remembered?


  1. Focus your Pinterest Board.

Although your business is personal to you when it comes to your Pinterest Board, as Tom said to Sonny in the Godfather, this is business, not personal.

Your board should be about your business, promoting your brand and encouraging interest by a cross section of users.  Post not only your website content, ensure your board has quality, interesting and useful information.  Add pins with a light hearted and humorous viewpoint to help users see various aspects of your brand.


  1. Include Rich Pins and fully utilize their potential.

A Rich Pin has additional information included on the Pin.  Your business can add information to six pin types:

  • App –has a button to install allowing Pinterest users without leaving Pinterest’s site to download your application that includes your information with prices and descriptions and is only iOS app compatible.
  • Article – showing the headline, story description, author and a link; allows users to save and find articles later.
  • Movie – giving details on ratings, cast members and reviews.
  • Place – show your location on a map, with an address and your phone number.
  • Product – showing your location as where to purchase with real time prices and availability.
  • Recipes – giving preparation details of ingredients needed, cooking times and how to serve.

To create a Rich Pin you will need to:

  • Select the pin/s that best represent your brand.
  • Include your correct metatags as you setup your site. Click here to check out each Rich Pin’s requirements.
  • Apply and request validation from Pinterest on the metadata page.

Data shows that a Rich Pin provides a link directly from a product to consumers and 25% of those consumers purchased that product after seeing it on Pinterest.


Take into consideration the value of your time, where else will you receive such a positive ROI, return on investment, with no monetary expense?

Good luck and good pinning!

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