Nov 25 2015

5 Niche Marketing Competitive Advantages

Niche Marketing

5 Niche Marketing Competitive Advantages

– Niche Marketing.  Most businesses will have a small segment of the online population to target, which is also referred to as their niche market.

There are two ways you can identify our niche market:

1. by further breaking down your segment into sub segments and

2. to define a group whose requirements are not served well by the existing competition

The reason why targeting niche markets gives you an edge is because the targeted niches could be so small that your larger competitors may not have the flexibility to reach them.

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The following are the five main advantages of targeting your resources on Niche Marketing.

  1. Niche Marketing Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Niche marketing can help your brand and business stand out from the competition. It will involve strategically identifying a specific need of a niche market and providing a solution to meet that need. You will not be following the crowd.

  1. Pay More Attention to your Targeted Audience with Niche Marketing

One of the main advantages of this type of marketing is that you will be able to focus all your energy and resources in reaching your niche market. These individuals are your targeted audience because:

  1. they are interested in what you have to offer
  2. they can afford your products and
  3. they have a need that your product can meet

In other words, you will not be wasting your time, resources, and money on another segment of audiences who are not interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Niche Marketing Reduces your Overall Marketing Budget

Once you are able to identify your niche market and begin targeting it, you can reduce your overall marketing budget. Every time you promote your products and/or services, you will not have to worry that you are targeting the wrong audience. You will also know that your advertising dollars are going to the right place where they can generate the best possible ROI (Return on Investment).

Conversely, if you are not focusing on niche marketing, you could be wasting a significant percentage of your marketing budget. It is important to realize that you cannot recover the money lost in failed marketing campaigns. Niche marketing can help you to keep your hard-earned money, allowing you to invest it somewhere else.

  1. Meet your Targeted Audience’s Needs

Another advantage of niche marketing is that it allows you to meet the needs of your targeted audience.  Niche Marketing will allow you to product customized products and/or service solutions that appeal to your targeted market. When you know your customers, you are better able to provide them with tailored products that fulfill their requirements.

  1. Lesser Competition

Niche marketing helps in reducing the amount of competition you face. You will be dealing with a particular product for a smaller segment of the market that is not being catered to by many other businesses. This will make it easier for you to put your products and/or services in front of your niche market and improve the chances of winning more orders.

Thus, niche marketing can offer you a big competitive edge and can boost your business prospects and sales while allowing you to stand out from the competition.