Nov 25 2017

5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic 2017

5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic 2017

So many people struggle with website traffic and how to do it. They always do the same thing spend hours, days and sometimes years worrying about plugins and themes.

Then if they actually get a site live they struggle with content. Here is a hint. Auto-blogging, curation of content, spun content you name it is a thing of the past. Unless your running a news blog that would be the only way curated content would work.  Watch the Gurus.  Some are still teaching out dated methods.  Not all but some

Now you don’t need to be a writer, you can outsource that job for 10-20 dollars per post.

Now you have a blog up whats next. Most try SEO, share it on there social media profiles and still cannot get traffic.

5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic 2017 video will show you 5 free ways plus 2 bonus methods for driving traffic and fast. The last bonus is paid traffic but it is so cheap that it is almost free.

Who am I well my name is Dave Deib I have been in the SEO, Affiliate Marketing, make money online niche for over 10 years. I have tried so many different techniques over the years and finally found the ones that would work fast and effective against any search engine update or any other changes in the industry.

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When you have unlimited traffic to your blog or site it is very easy to monetize it.  I like to build my email list and use affiliate offers.  The possibilities are endless when you have traffic.

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