Jun 03 2018

6 Steps You Need to Know To Start a Successful Blog

Start a Successful Blog

Truth be told, it seems as if everybody wants to start a blog. There are many people out there who just get paid to write for other people and companies on the internet. Blogging is so much more than just chronicling your thoughts online, it also takes a few strategic strategies for you to be able to start earning money from your blog

Many people don’t know the secret to a successful and popular blog. The truth is, the secret formula for a popular and successful website is content, traffic and the right offers and the result is success online! There are a few guidelines you can follow however, if you want to raise your chances of success.

  1. Choose a Topic

Write about the things you enjoy writing about. There’s nothing worse than writing about things you don’t love or enjoy just because you’ve heard you can make money doing so. If you love fashion, why not write about the outfits you love? How about the stores you love to shop in? Writing about your interests is a great place to start. Of course if you don’t like to write there are ways around that.  Hire a ghost writer, curate the content and even accept guest posts

  1. Provide Useful Information

You need to offer high quality and useful information; otherwise, you likely won’t attract or keep any readers on your blog. If your blog relies heavily on facts, please make sure that you’re thoroughly checking your fact and provide the correct information to your readers. Also images and videos are a must.  Still think blogging is a hobby?


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  1. Proofread, Proofread and then Proofread!

One of the very first things you are taught early on in life is to learn how to identify and correct grammatical errors. This means that you need to check over each and every single post that you write before publishing it on your blog. Read over whatever you write, make sure that it makes sense before it goes live. Your blog will appear more credible if your content doesn’t have any spelling errors or other grammatical mistakes. Please don’t use spun content from article spinners.  This strategy is outdated and just does not work in 2016

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to successful blogging and most importantly providing your readers with reliable, regular content ensures that they don’t start looking elsewhere for the same information you could easily provide to them. Any regular or returning readers to your blog are more likely to come back to your website to see what’s new, so if you stop posting, they will also stop coming to your blog.

  1. Take a Minute to Know Search Engines

Knowing what search engines such as BING, YAHOO, and Google

use to find your site, will help you to structure your posts to rank high in these search engines. You will in return get more clicks back to your blog and hence build up traffic to your blog in general. So make the most out of search engines, make sure that any keywords that you intend to use appear at the beginning of your article and in the title.  Another big part to being ranked is make sure your posts are going out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn at the very least.

  1. Make it Look Good

How your website looks can make or break your credibility,

you can’t be advising people in your niche when your website looks like it was put together back in 1995! First impressions do matter even if it’s online, so make yours count in a positive way.

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