Jun 22 2016

6 Ways Of Getting Free Targeted Website Traffic

6 Ways Of Getting Free Targeted Website Traffic

We all know that free targeted website traffic is the backbone of any online business. Without consistent supply of targeted traffic, your website stands nowhere. Of course you have devoted your heart and soul working day and night to build your website but if no one is visiting your site then it’s just a waste

Without getting targeted visitors to your site or offers, you could be losing on:

1) Sales – of your product or affiliate products

2) Advertising Revenue

3) Option leads

4) Newsletter signups

And the possibilities are endless which you can utilize with the regular supply of website traffic. Now you must have some idea of the importance of website traffic but not able to figure out how to get it. Don’t worry, I have given you 6 ways of getting free targeted website traffic. Just follow the steps below and you will be on your way to building large amounts of targeted prospects.

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you talk about getting visitors to your site, the first and the most important thing you must consider is doing SEO of your site. You must optimize your site search engine friendly and keep building backlinks to increase your chance to reach the top. Sites which are at the top for their target keywords are getting thousands of interested visitors. These are the people who are searching internet for your product. So you must work on this to bring your site in front of people searching for what you offer.  I get a lot of people telling me SEO is dead and does not work.  I disagree it works and consistently brings me in free leads that I convert to Adsense, CPA, Affiliate or Done For You commissions every day of the week.

2) Article Marketing

Many people think that article marketing only helps in building backlinks. It’s not true. Articles can be a great way of getting lots of free targeted website traffic as well. Thousands of visitors visit Articles directories daily to read articles and get expert advice. If done correctly, not only will it give you backlinks which are essential for SEO but also lots of traffic to your site.

3) Social Media and Social Bookmarking

Post as many Social Media posts that are relevant to your niche and website.  Make sure you put your link in the post, this will create a social signal back to your site.  It lets the Search Engines know that you are real and not fake.  I have made 6 figures per year in the last 5 years just from Social Media.  Social Bookmarking like Digg, Delicious and many others are also powerful for getting your message out.

4) Blog Commenting

Commenting on blog related to your niche can also get you some quick backlinks and also some targeted visitors. Make sure you read and follow the blog and do not spam the blog with so many comments.

5) Video Marketing

YouTube is the third most visited website online. Millions of people visit YouTube daily to view videos which simply means millions of people that you can target. Create a compelling video showing the benefits of your offer with a strong call to action statements and place a link back to your site. Post that in YouTube and you will see the difference.

6) Press Releases.

A Press Release is a quick way to leverage traffic to your site very fast. When you submit it properly it can go out to thousands of media outlets all across the web.  This is my little secret that I use If I want immediate traffic to a new offer or site.  I figure out what I want to offer and get it written and submitted.  You can use Prweb and many other good ones.  If you are serious about doing a Press Release let me know I have a platform that I use and it works like clockwork.  Just send me an email and I would be happy to send it to you.

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I hope you enjoyed my 6 ways of getting free targeted website traffic.  I would also like to give you free access to a Massive Online Traffic Bonus.  CLICK HERE  and watch my quick video.  You will be given free access to my blueprint.




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