Feb 03 2016

7 Actions Helping Affiliate Offers Become Income

7 Actions Helping Affiliate Offers Become Income

Why would anyone buy a product from your website?  In addition to having established your credibility and care about who buys from you, more than likely, you became the expert on your affiliate offers, are able to talk about them with knowledge, discuss intelligently and are trustworthy when making recommendations.

So let’s look at how to accomplish this. You’ve done the research on affiliates and the products they are offering.

Now what?

  1. Purchase the Product or service yourself. Prior to you making the commitment to promote an affiliate product would you not think it a good business move to physically or digitally own the product yourself?
  1. Be the buyer. Actually do what the product says to do.  Don’t just own it to put on a shelf or file on your computer.  Go through the product and the steps.  Why?
  • Reason one, you need to walk the walk to be able to talk the talk.  How do you have that intelligent conversation with a buyer if you have no clue what and how the product functions?  Don’t base your final decision on someone just hearing it was great.
  • Reason two, did it do what it claimed, was it successful, are you still using it?
  • Reason three, how valuable is your name, your word, your website?  Selling an affiliate’s offer is more than a banner advertisement.  You are connecting with that company to be their representative, selling their product.  Now, this joint venture is not only their business reputation but yours too.  Are you willing to risk everything you have on a product that is, let’s just say, bad.
  1. Become an affiliate. Protect yourself and read, understand, accept and sign the affiliate contract; get the affiliate banner ads, publish them on your website, and now what?
  1. Examine, Evaluate, Review, Promote the product visually. With these steps you are able to establish an empathy, I refer back to walk the walk to talk the talk.  When you have been there or experienced the trials of succeeding with the product, you are then able to influence the buying habits of your readers.
  • You can post a link on their website, on all of the social network platforms, send emails to this lists and their contacts and hope that your ‘I really want them to buy it’ osmosis will magically take affect and your readers will click on the offer and purchase the product.  Probably not.
  • If you take the time and some resources to create a step-by-step walk through of the product, you may find by doing this your sales will increase dramatically.  It’s a win-win, if sales are less than expected in the beginning, you may have learned something to promote the product differently.
  1. Create and use a testimonial. You have purchased the product or service yourself; you have been them, the buyer, and actually done what the product said to do; you are using it; now do a video, audio or PowerPoint testimonial and share your personal results or your experience on the product. Isn’t this what you would like to hear and hear?  Personal comments help build your credibility and trust with your readers.  This form of testimonial is a method of promoting.  Why have the product if you don’t believe in it and have a good word to share.  Remember, it’s your reputation, your website, your brand.  Don’t ruin it with junk, fluff or fill.
  1. Tell your readers the benefits of purchasing this product. Your readers have hear from you about this product. You have told them what you think, how it acts, and what it has done for you or your company.  Now you need to let them know how it will help them.  What are the overall benefits to their lives?  The benefit might be ‘laser fast speed’ and the overall benefit result may be ‘more personal time to see a baseball game.’  This example may be far-fetched, maybe, but the point is you are giving them the reason to purchase the product.
  1. Advertise, Market or Promote the Product. We return to the basis of sales, converting your offers into purchases.
  • How do you do this?  You need your readers, on your website, listening to and trusting what you have said, and then purchasing your offers.
  • Return to Step 4, and use all of the sources you have for your readers to advertise, market or promote to.
  • Post your product video you made using any of the free social networking platforms.  If you are financially able, select a paid advertising venue to promote it.
  • Include buttons, as you should in all of your communications and videos, to get more details or purchase the product.

Take Away Tidbits:

  • Buy and try out what you sell.
  • As an online marketer, you are who you hang out with.
  • Another’s reputation becomes yours when you are their representative.


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