Feb 11 2016

Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Increases Your Business

Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Increases Your Business

Where are you at in your online business?  Do you think of yourself as successful or struggling?  Have you taken the plunge in Affiliate Marketing?  Would you consider Affiliate Marketing at this stage in your online business?  Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Increases Your Business, believe it or not.

Age and time in business does not impact Affiliate Marketing, the keys are constantly educating yourself and continuously using what you have learned.  As your knowledge increases, your readers will reap the benefits.

Knowledge sources to consider:

1.  Establish your mindset on what you are looking for.  Are you open to all possibilities and browsing the aisles or know exactly what you want to have?  You will be a representative of this company.  Are you comfortable or does something feel off?  As some say, go with your gut.

2.  Google will be a friend while you research, research and research all potential affiliate companies prior to selecting any company or product.

3.  Use your head, then your heart, when choosing the right affiliate marketing programs.  Your head needs to lead you and you can never go wrong using sound judgment and your common sense in decision making.  The offer may look good, but how about the business giving the offer?  Check out their website, if none, run in the opposite direction.  If they have a site, what does it look like?  Any errors, missing pages or links that go nowhere, not showing contact and location information, no comments or reviews?   For a user, a legal and genuine affiliate program and its parent company should have a homepage that reflects quality and professionalism.  As an example, go to ViralBlogMachine, a product of ours on JVZoo, the leading affiliate marketer.

4.  You do not pay a company in any circumstance to be their affiliate.

5.  Always, always, always, read and be aware of any agreement or contract terms and conditions before signing.

6.  Prior to selecting an affiliate product, make a list of products you are interested in and their commission rates.  Commissions on a onetime, point of sale is good, however, a product that pays commissions repeatedly is obviously better.  This latter product selection gives you the opportunity to earn multiple commissions from that initial product sale if the product upgrades or adds accessories.  Confirm the location and if you are paid for these upgrades and accessories if done on your website only or are you also credited through the parent site too.

7.  Know how the affiliate program parent will payout or pay you for your sales of their product.  Normally seen paycheck options offer or provide for either lifetime payments or a minimal per sale, or thirty to ninety days payout.  Verify that you also have access to your account with the ability to see your balances.  Ideally you want running amounts that show the number of sold products, what is still owed on each product and what has been already paid on each product.  Second accounting choice would be running totals in each of these categories.

8.  Have a Keyword Tracking Software Application loaded to monitor and report on what words individuals are entered into their browsers to locate your website.  With this knowledge you are able to adjust your marketing, SEO designations and apply them to your website thus intentionally attracting new readers instead of the readers finding you by chance from their search patterns.

9.  Limit pop up marketing ads on your website within your articles and videos to avoid annoying a reader.  You are attempting to maintain a reader’s interest with your content and keep them on your website, leading them to your offers, not covering up your content with marketing, unintentionally having your reader leave rather than work around the ads.

10.  When it comes to affiliate product marketing, honesty is the best policy with your readers.  When your readers want to buy your affiliate product, ask them to assist you and click the affiliate link provided.  Most readers are savvy enough to know that you are probably compensated in some way.  If your readers trust you, they will be more likely to click for you.  If you are hiding your connection to the parent of the affiliate product, the reader might sidestep you and go directly to the parent company.  Clicks could go either way when the prices are the same on both sites and what leans them back to you is trust.

Have these knowledge sources on affiliate product selection influenced you?  To what degree?

Into accepting this statement as true?  You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks.

Or, with research, would you accept recent changes that reveals, contrary to popular thought,

An individual – is able to – instruct – a much more mature canine of any ethnicity – innovative – habits.

What do you think?


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