Feb 29 2016

Affiliate Marketing Tips Monetizing Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing Tips Monetizing Your Blog

For most just getting started in blogging, those individuals want to know now how to begin affiliate marketing and how they can start making money with their blog websites.

There are a variety of reasons that can be found to start affiliate marketing and we are going to look at a few of those reasons to explain the what and the why you should establish this revenue producing method as part of your blog website’s foundation.

Do you know what your readers are looking for when they log into your website and why they are there? 

You noticed that the number of readers were not mentioned.  The emphasis is not on your visitor or traffic counts, how many times a page was seen, your likes, your shares, your reviews or any comments made.

You are focused on your repeat readers and for those you are trying to attract.  All of these readers are with you for a reason and it is your job to determine what they are seeing and why they are staying.  You have answered questions and/or provided solutions with the intention of obtaining positive results.  Have you looked at what you have written and been able to pinpoint the value of each of your articles?

When you are able to determine the articles value – the what; the why should follow with the benefits they are receiving and from there you will be able to find the affiliate offers that are best suited to your blog’s readers.

List the values and benefits for your readers and find the applicable Affiliates offers.

By having this list you know what and why they are reading your articles.  Now you can locate the affiliate products and/or services that are able to assist your readers with what they need or want and how they will be able to accomplish those solutions.  And those solutions are coming from your products and/or services offers.

List ideas for your blog articles that will tie to each affiliate offer you selected.

When you are writing to specific affiliate offers, you are able to provide the information that reveals solutions teaching the reader how to accomplish those solutions.  You can write articles that can be how-to or have tips and tricks or graphs and charts with percentages displaying the data needed to show the path for the reader to succeed.

Now you have a reader who is happy with their success resulting in being motivated to return to your website often.   A returning reader is now another opportunity to offer your product and/or service.

List or calendar your upcoming articles regarding an affiliate’s offer.

By arranging your articles around an offer, you are assisting your readers plan their path to attain the results they need for the success they are wanting.

Monitor any links you have given regarding an affiliate’s offer.

Having the data available on each of your articles and the affiliate links they are tied to, will help you as the writer to know and prepare your articles for the best sales results and see where you might be able to improve.

This is important – if you are monitoring be sure you are looking at the links that are producing that positive revenue stream and not the links that were clicked on the most.  Clicking a lot doesn’t make money but you can learn to turn that clicking to sales with rephrasing or redirecting.

Collect, compare and evaluate data and statistics over a like period of time.

It will take a while to gather this, however, as an example, if you base everything on a week in December with the first week in January, your information will be non-related.  If done over a month’s time, you may see a pattern and always need to account for the variables of holidays, weather, even if your website was working and loading properly, all impact your data.   Repeated testing and collecting this data will give you the advantage in selling.

  • When you are looking at this data, identify the WHY some links are performing as they are.
  • What did you write or use to showcase the offer?
  • Where are your links on the page?
  • What type of call to action did you use and were they all the same?
  • Were they a call to action, an image link, a text link or a button?
  • Identify the repeating themes of your biggest sellers. Colors, shapes, sizes, verbiage all impact the reader to action.

With your information you are now able to sell 24/7.

Affiliate products and/or services are an exceptional method to have when you want to establish a base for monetizing your blog site.

  • Overhead is virtually nil.
  • After acceptance, you are able to begin your business as soon as you have your content ready and published.
  • Your risk factor is low as Affiliates handle most of the customer service and shipping if needed.

When you are able to tailor your articles to your readers, focused on the affiliate offers, teaching them how to use, implement and succeed, you will benefit from their success.


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