Jul 02 2017

Best Advertising Facebook or Google Adwords

With 40 percent of the traffic now coming from Facebook, I often get asked Which way is better. Facebook or Google.  Myself personally I have found Facebook very profitable but still get a lot of traffic from GOOGLE.  Depending on your business you may want to test both of them.  The common mistakes that people make is they either don’t test or track their advertising.  Or they expect results to fast.  Both platforms can deliver good results if you use the right approach.

Here are the main differences below:

Johnathan Dane, KlientBoost:

“I think two of the biggest differences between AdWords and Facebook are these:

1) People are searching for what you offer on AdWords search, so there’s hardly (if any) ad fatigue that ever happens and the basics have stayed the same for a long time. New people constantly enter and leave the target audience.

2) For Facebook Ads, you’re sometimes targeting a static audience with very few people who enter or leave the audience, so ad fatigue rates are much higher, which means that you need to keep the creative up. Other than that, Facebook and Google continually push new types of targeting and types of campaigns for us to use, but they both have the same end goal: keep the user happy and make it easier for advertisers to adjust and tweak to get a better response from target prospects.” (via Inbound.org)


Another Great Perspective.  Google Adwords or Facebook



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