Mar 12 2016

Best Strategy For Product Creation And Sales

If asked which came first – the chicken or the egg – how would you reply?   Are you wondering how does this relate to product creation and sales?  You cannot have one without the other, but let me clarify; creating a great product and selling it successfully do not always go hand in hand if done backwards.

Where did the inspiration come from in your product creation?  You thought it was a good idea.  You believed in it.  This is your passion.  Everyone will love it.

These are the responses normally given and all have merit and the product may be fantastic, but do you see a reoccurring theme?   Who is buying your product?

  • First, if you are selling your product to yourself, you will be extremely successful but you will not have made any money.
  • Second, the product is not to be about you.
  • Third, you did not follow the number one rule in product creation – to provide an answer and solution to a need or want of your audience.

If you want to create a product that will sell, you will need the best strategy on how to start that process.


Why Do People Buy?

  • To help relieve some type of pain.
  • To solve a problem or issue.
  • To receive joy or pleasure in (you name it).
  • To prevent (you name it) by being proactive instead of reactive.


Whom Are These People Buying?

You do not just create a product and go online to sell it.  You need to determine and identify your niche and audience.

  • Your niche should have competition as it provides validation and acceptance by buyers.
  • Your niche is a part of the marketplace with a designated product concentrated or focused on it.
  • Your audience defines this designated product’s features to satisfy and fulfill their particular needs.

Do you see that your audience is vital to your created product’s success?

A niche in this instance is a field, passion or interest.  The audience found in the niche that you selected to be your business was asking questions or had concerns, issues or problems.  This audience has now determined the type of product they need and you will present answers or solutions in your product creation.

Do you see that by doing this research and work beforehand, you have ready-made buyers for the product you are creating?  You lead your buyers to your product instead of following anyone, asking them to purchase a product they do not want.


In What Niches Are These People Buying?

When you plan to lead your buyers to your product, having a head start in the most popular and profitable niches can work to your advantage.

Focus specifically on one of these niches.  When you are researching these suggestions, you do not want to be so general that you have diluted yourself as a resource and are in competition with everyone.  Dig down until you reach and find a specific audience you can be of value to.  Think of it as finding the niche level where you are no longer the little fish to all around you but there is the opportunity to become the big fish.

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Starting a Business
  • Making Money
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development


You will have success with these strategies if you remember do not put the cart before the horse or your product creation before your niche audience.


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