Jul 17 2017

How To Build And Manage Facebook Groups

How To Build And Manage Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another way to generate free leads. It allows another outlet for lead generation and exposure of friends to your business website and products.

In order to create a Facebook group Click “home” on the top right. Under your profile picture on the right click “groups”. Click”create a group”. Follow the guide on Facebook to create your Facebook group.

Make sure your group name has a catchy title and photo. Instead of using your personal name as the group name, choose something unique and appealing like “millionaires club group”. In the empty box under the photo, feel free to state the benefits of the group and business and add in your website.

Facebook Groups provide marketers with an easy way to create communities around their products and services. Better still, with Facebook advertising, marketers can always tell when the right time to share content is-think three hours before peak traffic-and which types of content their fans like to engage with the most.

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Still, there’s a lot to be said for secret groups. This underutilized feature allows you to create an exclusive community in the following ways:

Group Types

There are three types of Facebook Group: Open, Closed, and Secret. An open group is just that-absolutely open. Anyone can find your group, and anyone can join. All members can see group posts, as well as the group description.

Closed groups are a bit more restrictive in that only members of the group can see posts. Anyone can ask to join, but only the administrator can add new members. Like the open variety, anyone can search for a closed group, and anyone can see the group’s tags.

A secret group does not show up in search, and no one can request to join. All members must be added manually by the administrator, and non-members are not privy to any group information. In fact, the group won’t even show up in Google.

As the administrator, group posts will show up in your News Feed, but a lock icon will appear beside them, indicating that they are private and can’t be seen by anyone else. If you send the URL of a post to a non-member, they will be redirected to an error page.

Features of Secret Groups

There are several features of these exclusive groups that Internet marketers or small business owners can put to good use. For instance, the Group Chat feature turns the group into a chat room, allowing for easy-to-manage mastermind sessions. Members can easily tend to their own Facebook Groups while attending your meeting.

With Shared Document Creation, the entire group can create a document and edit in real time. While not as powerful as Google Docs, this feature works exceptionally well with Group Chat to facilitate brainstorming sessions.

With Private Photo Sharing, members can post promotional materials or other resources without exposing them to Facebook as a whole. You can segregate your live projects by album and store relevant materials within, calling on them at any time in Group Chat.

Finally, each secret group comes with its own email address. You can use this email address from anywhere to upload images and other materials to the group. These features, taken together, offer marketers a collaboration suite that rivals some commercial products.

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