Dec 26 2015

Content-What Is Your Website Audience Searching For


Content-What Is Your Website Audience Searching For

– When you did your niche research before creating your website, what did you find out about your audience?  What do you know about them?  What does your website audience search for?  Are you able to comprehend their needs?

Similar to any form of communication, the web needs to have writers who have a good and mutual understanding of the audience they want to interact and communicate with and be able to put those thoughts into words.

Writing material or content is considered among some to be one of most challenging tasks of search engine marketing. You have to write and be pleasing to both the numerous search engines and your site’s audience.  A worthy SEM, Search Engine Marketer, will comprehend his/her targeted audience.  To be able to understand and comprehend the nature of your targeted audience, research them by creating and posting an online marketing survey on your website.  By conducting this survey, you will learn important information regarding the keyword phrases or keywords that they use in their searches.  These words will then be used by you, as your site’s SEM, completing the circle and what should be used within your articles to target your desired audience.  When writing your article, you will use these keywords and ‘merge’ them into your content as you maintain the integrity and purpose of the material.

  1. When writing your content, the number one purpose to remember is your audience has to be drawn into your article’s story.
  1. With the new search engines rules currently in place, you want to aim towards any and all of your content that is published to have value and be beneficial to those that read it. You want to write your story to intrigue your audience giving detailed information that will have your reader make a decision to purchase your product and/or service.
  1. How your article is composed will influence and affect how your site registers in relationship to your competitors. To internet search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., the articles on your site are extremely important. With the rules changing as I mentioned before, writers cannot pack their articles with one particular keyword in an attempt to try and fool any internet search engine to boost their site’s ranking higher online. Most search engines now browse your articles to see if they are relevant, which causes the results that search engine produce to be of more value overall to web users.
  1. A great benefit to quality content writing for your audience will be if they like what you wrote, they will link to the article and your website.
  1. Other benefits of these actions is with the linking to both an article and the website it is published on, creates a ripple effect causing your web page and your website to climb up higher in rankings on the online search engines.

So as you begin the task of creating your next article, remember, that you should be writing to and writing for your audience which is your site’s visitors and not writing to the online search engines.   The online search engine wants what is best for their users.  So, you both win when the search engine recognizes that your articles are pleasing your visitors and they have found value in your writing.

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