Nov 23 2015

Develop 7 Ways Social Media Generates Traffic

Social Media

Develop 7 Ways Social Media Generates Traffic

Social Media is recognized for helping to improve user engagement and brand awareness most of the time.  However, there is another side to it, too.  Your social, online presence can also help in increasing your web traffic.

Social Media referrals play an important role in driving website clicks.  The most important social sites for driving traffic include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

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Here are some of the ways or strategies you can develop and use to generate traffic from your Social Media networks.

Display your Website URL in your Profiles

Add your website URL in all your Social online profiles. This may sound easy but most businesses ignore this basic aspect. When you add a link pointing back to your website from your Social Media profiles, that action will help boost your SEO and drive more traffic.

Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social Media ad programs like Facebook Advertising are effective in helping you reach your targeted audience. In fact, such ad campaigns can be even more effective than organic strategies. You could track the performance of your Social Media ad campaigns with a high level of accuracy, determine the ROI (return on investment) and make adjustments if and when required.

Considering that the volume of Social Media users and pages are increasing at such a fast pace, such ad programs can be even more effective. Your ad programs reduce the chance of your organic postings not being viewed by your targeted audience.

Create Shareable Content

Create rich content that your visitors like and want to share in their Social Media network. You should create highly shareable content.  Make sure your content is also easy to share it through the social links. Confirm that the image, post, title and description are properly formatted when sharing.  Allow your readers to share your content with nothing more than a single click.

Always Add Visual Content in your Posts

Social Media content cannot be complete without visual elements. Make sure that your posts have images, infographics, and videos to make them more shareable. Besides, all Social Media sites allow adding images to your statuses.

Include Links to your Posts

You should not only add your website URL to your social profiles, make sure to include links within your social posts as well.  These links should take the readers to the original source, which will most likely be a web page in your site.

Make sure to Post on Regular Basis

You can compare your Social Media management to blog management. It is important to post on a regular basis to build social presence and traffic. At the same time, you should ensure not to spam your social pages with tons of postings.  Confirm you meet the minimum weekly postings to regularly engage with your audience.

Mix your Posts

Make sure to mix the topic of your posts.  Everything posted shouldn’t be about your brand and products. Keep in mind that your targeted audience is not always interested in learning what you have to offer.  Try to post about relevant topics that would interest your potential customers. Mixing things will help keep everything interesting, engaging and fresh.