Mar 09 2016

Digital Marketing News Social Selling Using LinkedIn Ad Targeting and Facebook Hits 3 Million

This is not the time for your company to lag behind your competitors, especially as it relates to Social Selling.  Just ask anyone within your company if they have used a social media platform to research or buy a product or service.

Businesses who have implemented Social Selling plans have increased dramatically.  They found having these plans in place was a vital part in the negotiation and closing of their sales and 62.9% of the sales personnel who responded confirmed this.


If you are not where your clients are, you are in the wrong place.

Sales and marketing & advertising personnel if they wanted to be a part of this most recent way of finding new clients to sell their products or services to.

If marketing & advertising are using social selling and creating the buzz around a product with terrific content, sales personnel are learning it is much easier to sell their product.

Look at the percentages why Social Selling should be a part of your marketing plan:

  • 57% of buyers have made the decision to buy prior to receiving a cold call.
  • 74% of B2B buyers do over 50% of their online research prior to buying.
  • 85% of an individual’s business dealings by 2020 will be done online.
  • 66% more sales are made over old style methods.
  • 84% larger budgets for buyers using social media than non-users.

Are you interested in a 24% faster revenue growth when sales, marketing & advertising work together?

See what tools are available now so you can start or enhance your Social Selling Skill Set.

LinkedIn Introduces B2B Account Targeting Option for Ads similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Twitter and Google+

Marketers & advertisers who are currently purchasing ads directly from the LinkedIn sales team are allowed to upload up to 30,000 businesses and target ad the employees.  Ad buyers through their self-service option will have to wait.

3 million Advertisers-new record for Facebook; celebrates with release of Your Business Story 

An outstanding accomplishment when placed in perspective with Instagram at 200,000 advertisers; Twitter at 130,000 users; and a Google guesstimate of 4 million plus.

Your Business Story, Facebook’s new video tool, allows Facebook advertisers to share and highlight their company’s accomplishments using their Facebook page content and pictures.

Facebook wants Instant Articles used by publishers when collecting emails for newsletter signups

The intent is for the publisher to earn subscription revenue when the reader travels to the publisher’s site after reading their articles published on Facebook.

Snapchat geofilters on-demand testing

A geofilter allows you to share where you are at in a specific neighborhood or special event.  For just $5, individuals or companies can design a geofilter for a specific space during a set time.

B2B Marketers & Advertisers continue struggling with how to target even with new tech gains

There are still transition difficulties and having all of the new digital age gadgets and tools are not able to stop what some B2B’s feel are their issues:

  • To get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
  • How to measure their Return on Investment.
  • Longer sales cycles.
  • Non-existent, quality leads.

Marketers & Advertisers response data agrees:

  • 70% of their advertising doesn’t meet expectations, all or even part of the time.
  • 96% believe the odds that their advertising will reach someone outside of the targeted audience eventually – which was not the original intent.

However, with a positive marketing & advertising mindset and sales personnel that will join that team with can-do philosophy, you could produce these results:

  • 65% of buyers felt their decision to buy was impacted by the seller’s online content.
  • 82% of buyers read 5-8 online content articles prior to buying.
  • 69% more growth in revenue yearly with companies using sales enhanced online content.


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