Mar 10 2016

Digital Marketing SEO Strategy for Marketers

Once just called marketing has evolved to digital marketing.  This is a method of directing online visitors to your business.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is having a resurgence and rebirth if you will.  Formerly, it was a standalone or silo platform. Now, it is learning that there is strength in numbers.  By combining or aligning with other platforms, it is a win-win for all participating.

First, let us define SEO.  SEO is a technique to ensure your website will rank higher on the SERP or search engine results page.  A user entered a word or words, keywords, in their browser looking for something online.  The results are the keyword search criteria established by the company providing the service.  With the keyword search results shown, the higher you are on the page should entice and drive the visitor or traffic to your website to produce possibly more business for you.

Your SEO plan

Incorporating the new technology and how a user is trying to find online services, the search engines of today have changed the rules of how they interpret SEO techniques and websites themselves to produce the online results page.  The right word is no longer the only key.

Consider these thoughts:

Search Engine Availability

The web is expanding and growing.  Google, having the largest market share, is not the only search engine in town anymore and others like Yahoo and Bing are carving out niches for themselves.  One of the newer ones is DuckDuckGo.  This company protects the privacy of a user by not doing any personal tracking of searches.

All Mobile Devices

An online user is no longer required to be at home with their desktop.  Users are on the move with smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops.  Your design and SEO creates the perfect online experience for a user to browse effortlessly.  A specifically mobile designed website needs to be easy to read and to use within the confines of the smaller screens.

Target Marketing

Your niche was established when you researched and launched your website.  Today, you want as many visitors as you can get while you add other layers that attract and interest those visitors to stay and see what you have to offer.   You are then SEO targeting this group or niche by knowing as much as possible about them:  who and where they are, what they want and what they asking for.  You then focus or target this group with content or articles on your website, providing answers or solutions, value and benefits written around your offers.

Keyword Selection Relating to ROI

What would or is the user entering into a browser to find your website or your offer?  The more precise you are, the greater the results.  To know the number of hits is not sufficient when you choose your keyword, keywords or long tail phrases.  You want to know their success rate; how many convert or became sales, the amounts of revenue generated and profit made.  Add in the data from your website; number of visitors, what pages were they on, which pages made the sales including the details of color, verbiage, methods of purchase-buttons or links.  This is your ROI or return on investment.  What was the cost to produce these results?  What came about through your SEO efforts?

A Links Quality over Quantity

Linking to and having your link on websites where your target visitor might be has the potential to create referral traffic and additional visitors back to your website.  This SEO technique provides your name and website with brand exposure and improved opportunities to sell.  You are judged by the company you keep and credible links translates credibility to you.

Social Media Platform Linking

Digital marketing is selling; social selling is using the social media platforms.  Most users often find a website worth visiting on their social media.  You need to ensure your SEO is in place so you have maximized on online presence with these new traffic resources.  You need your business or personal page linked to your website, as a social outlet you have to be engaging without selling; personal without being offense and up dated regularly.

Online Promotions

Be aware all online promotions have to function together with your SEO plan.  This can be a balance of organic or unpaid SEO search page results, paid advertisements, PPC (Pay Per Click), email advertising, public relations releases and all will.

Data Monitoring and Tracking

As the adage goes, failure to plan is planning to fail.  An SEO plan to succeed requires regular evaluation.  Select Google Analytics or another tool to give you the information to see what has influenced your traffic and sales allowing course corrections where needed in your SEO techniques.

Website Neatness and Valuable Content

Both of these traits are necessary to be successful.  Every page should be easy to use and have unique content tied to your keywords and providing the value necessary to increase your website’s traffic.  Provide call to action and contact buttons or links on every page.  You want to be user friendly and not cause any frustration for the visitor.


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