Mar 30 2016

Easy Methods That Increase Your Website Traffic

The first method offered will determine whether I succeeded in content writing must do’s or not.  If I have and you are continuing to read the balance of easy methods that increase your website traffic, please let me know with a comment.  If you stopped, it is unlikely you will make a comment because you did not get this far in your reading.


  • Using Headlines to their fullest potential

Data shows that 80% of readers will only read the headline.  If this is the case, then you must be sure your headline will have the influence to make the visitor want to continue reading.


With the multitude of websites currently available and growing rapidly daily, having your website optimized for search engines is probably the first thing to do.

**You will not be found otherwise, unless by chance.


  • Writing Content Continuously

Data found that increasing published content from two articles to ten or more a week, website traffic increased by 300%.

**Dedicate yourself to writing and providing that content to increase your visitors/readers.


  • Collecting Your Email Addresses

There are several marketing and advertising avenues to take to use your list of visitors/readers email addresses, however, you must first be able to collect them.   Providing an option from below with an opt-in and you are collecting their email addresses to use.

  • A Newsletter
  • Your content via email
  • Any future offers and updates

**The opt-in gives you permission to email the grantor in the future.  Without this permission, you are spamming and your website might be shutdown.


  • Automated Emailing

Why choose to email anyone on your collected list of visitors/readers manually when you are able, for a small cost, to automate the entire process?  It is money well spent and time saved when you have the ability to create and store your emails and have them sent out on your marketing and advertising timetable.

**Remember to include your links to offers and ask that they are share your email with friends to secure additional addresses.


Both of these social media platforms have programs to assist you in obtaining traffic/visitors/readers.

  • First, incoming. Install a tracking pixel and each will track and allow you to advertise again to those readers who have visited your site, Facebook minimum number of readers is 100, Twitter is 500.
  • Second, outgoing. Upload your subscription list to both networks.   If any on your lists have social accounts with their email addresses, you can then send customized advertising emails to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, possibly reaching them on one of their mobile devices.  There is no minimum amount of email addresses given for Facebook, Twitter remains at 500 of their users.


  • Larger Tweets with a Twitter Card

You can market and advertise with a tweet that will have images and call to action buttons with the capability of attaching downloadable content to them.  Twitter claims 18% more clicks with these tweets with images.


  • Promoting on Facebook

As almost every major platform or provider continually revises their algorithms, Facebook is no exception.  Even with their reduction of organic reach capabilities, you are able to use Facebook.  However, you will need to invest in a marketing and advertising campaign to highlight your published content towards the readers you established above when you uploaded your list of emails into Facebook.


  • Creating Participation Quizzes

Most everyone likes to take a short quiz and you can choose from several free quiz websites.  A quiz placed on your website or within content published is easy to do and promote on social media.

**You benefit from increased visitors/readers and a bonus, you are able to collect their email addresses.


  • Exchanging Blog Content

As you look to other websites within or related to your niche audience’s size, contact those websites and ask if they are interested in exchanging blog content to increase traffic opportunities with backlinks to each of your websites.

**If you are feeling confident with your material, take a chance and contact a site a little bigger than you.  You never know unless you ask.


  • Honing Your Writing Abilities

The intent is the more you write, the better you become, which should lead to an increase in your credibility and trustworthiness as an authority or expert in your niche.   With these qualifications, you could offer to contribute to another’s website.

**The ultimate compliment, being asked to contribute content to a resource or another’s website.


  • Hosting Opportunities

Online is not just about writing content any more.  There are many avenues to present yourself and discuss a topic in an entertaining fashion.  Options are and not limited to webinars, webcasts, podcasts and one that has gained wide and varied audiences are Periscope.

**Podcasts are by estimations the hardest to do as they are not a spur-of-the-moment or loosely formulated content.  To do them correctly, podcasts require dedication and consistency to succeed.


  • Establish Partnerships with those you work with

The ability to advertise and market on a partner’s site can gain visitors/readers coming to your site as referrals.

**As each of you take the reputation of the other as your own, this is one avenue to be sure you research and investigate prior to making a commitment and signing any contract to proceed.

Good luck.

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