Feb 16 2016

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog

When you review the different websites including blogs, you will see that finding content sources to write your blog is a task to be taken seriously.  The successful ones have content/articles well written, informative and provide a value to the reader.

There are times when you might say what do you mean I have to do an article for the blog?  What am I going to write about?  Where am I getting the information from?  Then you add another question – where did the writer get that concept?

Finding sources for writing a blog’s content can be as difficult for blog writers as it is for journalists – some sources are confidential, some reliable and others you don’t dare quote.  If you are know the subject material well or have a passion for it, writing ideas come easily and you are usually able to produce articles daily.  However, what about those days, when under a deadline?  Your mind slips into neutral and nothing seems to click to set a spark aflame so that you are able to put two words together that make sense?

How did they think of that?  Did they have a tool to use?  Are resources offered online to help?  Are they easy to use?  Yes, some tools are easy to some, others require training; some resources are free, others there’s a fee.  As always you need to research.

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog – PLC or Private Label Content – or articles is a feasible option.  Most Private Label Content services have a fee to join and maintain your subscription or membership.  You have access to their library of articles and are able to search by key words.  After you have rewritten the article, you post and publish on your blog.  If you have an article that is longer, you can break it apart by aspects and use them as separate articles or divide them into parts and post individually getting the most from that articles content.

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog – RSS FeedsRSS is short for Rich Site Summary.   Normally at a cost, this format delivers web content that changes regularly online.  This could be from online websites that are news-related, weblogs or other publishers who syndicate or distribute as an RSS Feed their content to anyone who wants it.

This is an easy way service that provides content to your blog, as the RSS Feed instantly upgrades your blog with up to the minute news and content.  A drawbacks for having an RSS Feed are: 1. The content written is simply stated and 2. Your content is not unique to your blog and 3. If the reader selects a story they are taken from your blog.

Hopefully you see that the auto-feeds are one size fits all and do not give a reciprocal return in traffic/visitors/readers.  It is your decision as to whether you have the time to rewrite the feeds and if that is cost effective for you.

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog – Affiliate Marketing Content – If you have chosen to do affiliate marketing on your blog, you are able to get material from the product provider.  It is wise that you write your own content because your content is to be working to produce traffic to your affiliate links and who better to do this than you.  You are the one who has the credibility and authority.  You want to set the stage and present the offer in its best light to give the benefits, suggestions, adding your options for use and put your seal of approval on the product before they click on the actual offer.

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog – Use News Articles – Select a trending news article and summarized what is said in your own words as a short summary.  Doing a news article rewrite, at times, can be difficult, just stick to it.  If you find this is not for you, drop it from your blog.

Finding Content Sources To Write Your Blog – Writing Your Own Content – Is by far your best method.  It will become easier as you will fall into a rhythm of writing.

If you find that you do not have the time to write or that writing is not your forte, there are multiple blog services available that you can employ to write an occasion blog article or daily if wanted.  You give them the instructions of what content topic and subject line you want them to follow, links you want included and where to insert them.

You need to weigh the benefits produced by your reader to the costs occurred as to whether to use these types of services.  As with any product, let the buyer beware.  Always do your homework; read and be aware of any agreement or contract terms and conditions before signing.

Basically it comes down to, if you write informative, valuable and beneficial content for your readers, your blog site will thrive.


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