Mar 28 2016

Four Ways Advertisers Amp Up Affiliate Marketers Success

Are you one of many affiliate marketers comfortable where you are or are you just surviving and getting by?

Would you like to Amp Up what you are doing to succeed?  If so, you can benefit from the expected spending that advertisers are to do within the affiliate market industry.  A research study has shown a projected annual compounded growth rate of 10.1% and $30 billion spent by 2020.  Not a bad return with today’s fiscal benchmarks.

See if you can transition from where you are with these four ways advertisers may be able to help give you that boost.

Stage One –  

Advertisers increased awareness of the affiliate marketer’s value to their business.

Ninety percent of advertisers state the affiliate programs are vital components of their advertising and marketing and are investing to accommodate the marketers to implement their plans.  Advertisers want their affiliate marketers to interact with current and new customers with content that will provide valued and trusted information.  Having this access from advertisers will allow marketers the opportunity to present new products and/or services from the advertiser who relies on the marketer’s ability to influence and persuade consumers to purchase.


Stage Two –  

Advertisers must ensure their affiliate marketers are protecting the Brand.

As an advertiser relying on another to represent and to speak for your Brand, you cannot just let anyone do it.  As an affiliate marketer, you need to know that before you join the advertiser you will complete an approval process.  When done, it will now be your responsibility to protect not only the Brand’s reputation but your own as well.

For further protection of the Brand, advertisers need to ask the affiliate marketers questions and test the marketer’s website.  As a marketer, you must monitor your website for any abnormalities and both must review daily reports to see any variations that could implicate fraud.  An advertiser’s reliance on the affiliate marketer requires trust, trust that the marketer knows their system and has the ability to spot potential fraud cases and protect not only themselves but the advertiser and the Brand as well.


Stage Three –

Advertisers need to monitor and track their content with affiliate marketers.

Advertisers want their affiliate marketers to succeed and to do so they must remain as an active participant with affiliate marketers to be able to gather the statistical data to determine whether their advertising and marketing content is working.  As monitoring and tracking capabilities increase, advertisers are able to see the results of how their content is interpreted on an affiliates website.  Is the content leading to an ultimate sale or increasing the Brand awareness of the reader.  If it varies from marketer to marketer, the advertiser needs to find the turning points and if necessary, make any adjustments as required to succeed.   In addition, this monitor and tracking helps with the advertiser’s review and budget allocation process to ensure their affiliate marketers have the support required for success.


Stage Four –

Advertisers are recognizing affiliate marketer and their brands.

With the multitude of websites available to online users, the consumer is searching for websites that they know directly or by reputation and trust in the content and the products and/or services presented to them.  In addition to the websites, these consumers are turning to social media platforms, relying more and more on them to gain information for Brand products and/or services from the referrals of other users.

Although an affiliate marketer is usually niche related the advertiser is open to all niches. Affiliate marketers who have a strong brand and following could find themselves approached by advertisers to represent them and their Brand.

This is where Brand protection will be paramount for both entities.


Whether as an advertiser and are represented or an affiliate marketer and the one representing have the knowledge that the other’s reputation becomes yours when you have signed on the dotted line and become partners.


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